Mr Lecturer Season 2 episode 42

Episode 42

Comfort sat beside me, felt my pulse and breathed deeply.

‘’I’m really very sorry my love. you know i never meant to shoot you. I even risked everything just to be with you right now. I know the police are already looking for me’’ she muttered and swallowed hard.

‘’you shot me’’I said accusingly.

‘’you know I never meant to. You are the last person I will ever hurt deliberately’’she replied slowly as tears quickly filled her eyes.

‘’but you were in my house to kill my wife? What did she do to deserve such attempt on her life?’’ I queried breathlessly. Her eyes quickly lit up. She bit her lips and closed her eyes for a second.

‘’she killed my baby. The d–n woman killed my child with her trickery’’ she exploded, shaking with rage.
‘’she got in my way. She refused leaving you for anything’’ she poured out like someone possessed with a bad spirit. I felt like slapping her that moment not withstanding how weak I was. I really was filled with anger, but couldn’t do a thing.

‘’I wasn’t born to be a desperate cold hear-ted girl but the world pushed me into it. I was raised in a very poor family where I did everything to survive. I had nobody to help or provide for me like your parents did for you. In the process, I was used and dumped countless times by men like an old rag. I never believed in love until you came into my life but everything still turned against me. You were married. You never loved me. We cant even have kids. Nothing has ever gone well for me’’ she poured out miserably.

‘’I have decided to leave. I have decided to free you and your life. I’m leaving the country. I’m traveling to Ghana. I have concluded every arrangement and I used part of the money and things I got from your apartment to get it done. A cab is waiting for me outside. I don’t think we will ever meet again. But you need to know that the love I have for you is greater than what your wife feels for you. Before I leave, I do need your forgiveness. I’m sorry for shooting you. I’m sorry for messing up your life’’ she breathed solemnly. I just couldn’t believe my ears. I just didn’t know what to tell her. Nevertheless i was glad she was about doing the right thing even though i felt she was going about it the wrong way.

‘’you are not doing this for me. I know you are running away’’ I breathed. She stared at me for some seconds, shook her head and breathed deeply.

‘’you are always very inconsiderate. I should have let you die when you helplessly fell in your apartment, but no. I stopped your bleeding and called the police. Would you have done that for me, supposing I was the one who got shot?. I guess you don’t know what it feels to wake up every morning uncertain of your future, uncertain of your next meal. You haven’t sacrificed anything in life. I know you wont forgive me, but I’m leaving’’ she added, kissed me and got up.

‘’it pains me to do this. I will forever miss you’’ she breathed and turned to leave.

‘’wait’’ I suddenly said, forcing her to stop and face me with eyes filled with tears.

‘’I forgive you. I pray God guides you in every step you take from now onwards. But why are you throwing away your future by running away?. You haven’t done your national youth service yet. I can get the police to stop looking for you. You can finish up the program-me and make something out of your life’’ I offered with all sincerity. She smiled and shook her head.

‘’no I cant stay back. There are many things you still don’t know about me’’ she breathed .
Just that moment, detective Johnson, Henry and a girl who looked very familiar walked in.

On seeing them, she quickly drew back and pulled out a pistol from her handbag, surprising everyone, most especially the detective who was caught totally off-guard.

‘’drop your weapon sir, unless you want people to get hurt. You know this is a hospital’’ she said to the detective whose right hand was already on the butt of his gun. He nervously looked around like a cornered rat, not sure whether to obey the command or not. Comfort laughed and stared at Henry.

‘’you know what I’m capable of?. I shot you once and you survived, randy goat. Tell the cop to toss his gun” she shouted at a terribly scared Henry who nervously faced the detective.

‘’please sir, do as she says. She has nothing to lose in life and so is capable of shooting everyone. Please drop your weapon sir’’ he begged the detective who slowly pulled out his gun and dropped it on the floor, kicking it towards Comfort..

The room instantly became silent and hot.. Our hearts all pounded furiously.

To be continued

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