Mr Lecturer Season 2 episode 23

Episode 23

Minutes later at a Restaurant close to the university, I reluctantly shared all I have been through to Henry who listened with great attention.
My mind however relaxed as I shared my fears, story and feelings to him. It really felt good sharing my problems with a friend, something I had yearned to do for a long time.

‘’so my brother, that’s my story. I’m now standing between the devil and his fire. I so much want to be with my wife but it isn’t possible at the moment and comfort so much wants to be with me against my happiness. I love my wife so much but I just had to sacrifice many things to survive. It’s really not as if I intentionally decided to avoid you but the thing is that I messed up big time. I’m still ashamed of myself. How can I face my friends or old pals with such a story?. I was unable to control a mere girl while some guys like you do control as much as five girls without much stress.” I poured out with regret. Henry shook his head, sipped his drink and smiled.

‘’yea you really messed up big time. You shouldn’t have allowed your relationship with comfort to grow wings. That was your mistake and fixing things now will definitely bit a lot tougher. Moreover you now owe your job to her. She’s living with you and will also give you your first child to seal her control over you.’’ He said slowly while I listened carefully.

‘’Jessica will return soon and comfort will go away’’ I added. Henry laughed.

‘’do you think so?’’ he asked,
‘’believe me, you will be disappointed. It Seems like you are yet to understand how females reason?’’ he muttered. I stared at him thoughtfully.

‘’my brother, your Comfort definitely knew what she was up against before even getting pregnant for you. Unlike we guys, before a girl does something, she will think it through, weigh the risk and gains before going on with it. She’s simply acting up a script for you brother and you are just playing along with her. She’s going to frustrate your plans of being with your wife that you are going to feel like killing her in the end, which you will end up doing wrongly’’ He summarized easily, sending cold fear into my heart with his words.

‘’what do you suggest I do now?’’ I asked with resignation. He kept quiet for a while, breathing deeply.

‘’you preferred your job over your wife bro, and it kind of made things more complicated. You have to find the right moment to make comfort go away forever, or she might end up doing it to your wife. There is no other way bro. The girl is obsessed with you. You can’t offer her money. Her silence and support puts food on your table via your job. She knows She got you in her hands.’’ Henry replied.

‘’so what exactly are you insinuating?’’ I asked with shock.

‘’you tell me’’ he laughed and finished his drink. I shook my head and swallowed hard.
‘’hope murdering Comfort isn’t what he’s insinuating?’’I wondered as the thought crossed over my mind. Of course I knew Comfort was capable of doing the same to my wife with any slightest opportunity. Moreover my mother’s sudden illness and exit from the house kind of pointed fingers at the d–n girl.


Fortunately nothing extraordinary happened in the following months that came by. My work went well, I saved a lot of money, Jessica grew stronger and comfort still stayed in my house with her mother who watched over her every minute.
She finally gave birth to a very lovely boy, who brought a new kind of feeling into my heart. Comfort became the mother of my first male child.

‘’his name will be Caleb ‘’ she smiled to me as I carried him in my hands for the first time.


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