Mr Lecturer Season 2 episode 25

Episode 25

4pm, Caleb’s Apartment

‘’my God I can’t believe you went against my wish. I cant believe you got that girl back to my house. What’s wrong with you?, why are you so hell bent in making me suffer?” Jessica cried over the phone immediately after I confessed that comfort was back in the house with me. I just couldn’t utter anything to defend myself. I simply went dumb while she cried, cursed and swore at me.
I deserved every tantrum she threw but to be honest no one will really understand the difficult position I was in. I just couldn’t bundle comfort out of the hospital to a new apartment or eject her out of the house forcibly. She was also human and sometimes my heart do melt whenever I tried going hard on her. She also was suffering. She was in love with me. She was someone’s sister, daughter and now the mother of my first son.
I wasn’t in love with her but I felt some kind of sympathy, bond, connection with her.

‘’seriously I’m fed up. I’m disappointed. I’m disgusted. Goodbye’’ Jessica screamed and hung up.
I felt empty as i thought about myself. I had my job back. I had money. My career was going fine but I was far from happy. The love of my life very far away from me.
‘’what’s the essence of life without the person you love the most?”

I was still battling with my thoughts when my mother came into the room. She sat beside me on the bed, smiled and held my left hand.

‘’Jessica called me’’ she muttered carefully. I breathed deeply, saying nothing.

‘’she isn’t happy with you but I managed to calm her down. Please try your best to resolve issues with comfort as fast as possible’’ she said, got up and left. I stared at my mother as she left the room. I felt like calling her back and crying on her shoulders but I was too old for that.

Minutes later, I grabbed my car keys and headed out to see my friend. The good old priest.
‘’at least he will have some answers. I pray he’s around.’’ I said to myself.

5pm, catholic church premises

‘’my son just like I told you in the house of God, please don’t rush things. Leave things to unfold by itself. I do understand your condition and also appreciate how you shared your fears this evening to me as your friend and not as your priest. Talk to comfort, if you can convince her to leave the house that will very cool but please don’t use force on her or in any way try to injure her. Remember, her baby is yours and it’s your duty to care for him. In the end things will happen the way God wants it to happen.’’ The old priest advised as he escorted me out of the parish building. I stopped and looked at him.

‘’I’m really desperate father. Perhaps all that is happening is a test from God but seriously I’m confused and scared of tomorrow. I’m also scared that Comfort could harm my wife’’ I poured out.

‘’I will keep praying for you. Be strong’’ he said seriously while I bit my lips with great tension.


8pm, caleb’s apartment

I was about preparing a lecture note when comfort slowly walked into my room. I looked up at her curiously. She smiled, drew close and stood before me.

‘’I came for us to talk’’ she muttered. I drew back and paid more attention.

‘’it’s about the naming of our child and baptism. I want everything to be done as fast as possible. You have given him the native name of your choice already but I want his baptismal , middle or official name to be Caleb and nothing is going to stop me from giving it to him.’’ She said seriously while I scoffed.

‘’I thought you wanted us to talk?. What’s there to talk when you have already made up your mind?’’ I asked. She raised her eyebrows, saying nothing.

‘’ fine, you are also leaving my house in two days and nothing is going to stop you from leaving. You better start packing’’ I said with same tone she used on me.
The room instantly fell silent as we exchanged cold glances.
If looks could kill , I would have died by the ferocity of her gaze.


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