Mr Lecturer Season 2 episode 17&18

Episode 17-18
🏫Mr Lecturer🕵️🏫
☠️ Episode 17☠️

please you should leave now. Let her be please” my mother in law pleaded as she dutifully attended to Jessica who managed to sit up with great pain.

“please dear, i’m so sorry” i apologized to her slowly, very confused on what to do next.

“please leave right now. I beg of you” my mother in law begged once again. I shrugged, breathed deeply and left without another word.


I returned to my apartment to see Comfort looking very worried and scared. She heaved a sigh of relief as she opened the door for me.

“you left me very worried and scared. You left without telling me where you were going” she asked unhappily. I ignored her, went to my bedroom, undressed, took a quick shower and retired to my bed for a cool night rest. She however showed up minutes later to disturb me.

Comfort walked into my room, turned on the lights and sat beside me on the bed. I stared back at her, saying nothing.

“are you not hungry?” she asked, placing her right hand on my chest.

“no i’m not” i answered coldly.

“i want to be sharing the same bed with you” She suddenly muttered, shocking me with her words.

“it’s for the baby. Don’t tell me you don’t understand” she added, forcing me up with her words. I quickly sat up and stared at her with disgust.

“don’t be ridiculous” i breathed.

“c’mon” she scoffed.

“my mother is coming over tomorrow to stay with me. So better start preparing your mind about the new plans she’s going to make for you” i said with a smile, unsettling her with the revelation. She drew back with shock, frowned and quickly smiled to conceal her feelings. But i wasn’t a kid. I knew the last thing she wanted was my mother’s presence.

“so how do we go about getting your job back?” she suddenly asked, changing the topic. I breathed deeply , stared at her for some seconds before replying.

“i have the contact of one Mr Moses, he works for Vanguard newspaper. The same paper that covered our story very vigorously. I will invite him over to come chat with you. All you have to tell him is that i never took advantage of you. That we were dating before i left the country for my masters degree. When i returned, we continued the affair, not minding i was married to another lady. Anyway we have all of tomorrow to go through the story” i said easily.

“and you think it’s going to be convincing?, remember i’m in your house.” she asked curiously.

“don’t worry, just go to bed. We have all of tomorrow to plan things” i answered with a smile. She shrugged, got up and left without another word.


As early as 6am the next day, i was in my father in law’s house to see if i could talk to Jessica one more time. I badly needed to settle things with her and put my mind at ease.

Jessica and her mum were already set to head out of the city when i arrived. They really were in the process of getting into one of the family cars when i showed up, and of course they were very surprised to see me.

“my love please don’t leave without at least hugging me. Please” i begged as i advanced towards them. Jessica stared at me and waited, while her mum went ahead and got into the car.

“my love, please just a hug. I need it” i begged solemnly. She stared at me for some seconds, breathed deeply, drew close and hugged me, settling my spirit.

“my love, i’m going to return with your son. I love you. Please don’t let me down” she breathed with great passion, broke away from me, and quickly joined her mother in the chauffeur driven car which sped off immediately. I was close to tears as i watched the car sped away…

“i pray you return with my son” i prayed with great emotion.

☠️ Episode 18☠️

I headed back to my apartment with a more relaxed mind, invited Mr Moses {the press guy) and spent the rest of the morning, rehearsing and polishing up my story with Comfort.

Comfort however was overly helpful. She did contribute her best in making the clumsy story a believable one.

“i hope things work out fine for you” she breathed with a sweet smile.

Mr moses showed up at my apartment at exactly 1:30pm. Of course he was very surprised when i introduced Comfort to him. He asked lots of questions and equally was very professional with it.

The interview was quite a long one. Comfort really did her best. She never stammered and acted overly cool and wonderful. In the end, the journalist, smiled and shook hands with me.

“surely this story is going to make a wonderful read. There are lots of unexpected twists in it. You are lucky to have her Collaborate this for you” he said to me, nodding at Comfort who blushed. I quickly fetched out an envelope and offered him with great gratitude.

“Please manage this little token as a sign of appreciation. It’s just ten thousand Naira in there. Please i know how you guys easily change public opinion with your write ups. Please just help me twist the words a little bit, to get me public sympathy. I have been out of work for a while now” i pleaded desperately. The well built man, licked his lips and took the envelope.

“don’t worry about that. This new story will be out in two days. Just try to get a copy when it comes out” he promised, smiled and left. Comfort drew close and hugged me.

“do you trust him?” she asked. I shrugged silently.


My mother showed up by 3pm, looking very cool and important. I was very happy to have her with me. The joy in my heart was very obvious.

Comfort however was far from pleased. She simply kept to herself and did everything possible to hide from her.

“so what do we do with the silly girl?” mum asked when we were alone in my room. I shrugged.

“we are not kicking her out yet. Not until i get my job back. Just monitor her for me” I answered.

“seriously the girl looks very fine and healthy. I think she’s faking being sick to be with you. Moreover for her to help you like you told me without any conditions. I think she has something new in her sleeve” my mother muttered. I shrugged and stared back at her, saying nothing.


Two days later, my new story appeared in page two of Vanguard Newspaper with super exciting caption.


The Real Story Of Mr Caleb and his student”

I read the story over and over with a calm smile. Mr moses was just so perfect with the writeup. My relationship with Comfort. How i left the girl and travelled abroad. How we reunited not minding i was married. How Comfort was hurt but still in love. At the end he ended up by summarizing that it was just a love affair that went sore. A family matter that needed no outside influence. No one took advantage of anyone. Mr Caleb was just a young man with blood in his veins. He shouldn’t have been thrown out of the school” such a perfect story it was.

Comfort held me as we read everything together. Tears appeared in her eyes as she read.

I grabbed my phone and dialled the Senator’s number.

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