Mr Lecturer Season 2 episode 43

Episode 43

‘’you know you aren’t getting away with this. You better surrender, let’s end this peacefully’’’ the detective said professionally but his words had no effect on comfort who simply laughed.

‘’seems like you didn’t understand what Mr. Henry said to you?. Mr. detective, I have nothing to lose, moreover how will you stop me from getting away?. You are all alone with no backup. You are facing my gun’’ she said with a soft laugh.

‘’and who told you I have no backup?’’ the detective asked.

‘’I know you came alone. You never expected to see me here’’she answered with a shrug.

‘’don’t be too sure’’’ the detective stammered, trying his best to talk Comfort into putting down her weapon but his words failed to have any effect on her.

‘’Comfort why are you making things more difficult to you?. You can’t get away with this’’ I managed to say.

‘’don’t worry about me, I have always been in difficult conditions. This isn’t an exception’’ she replied and eyed the girl standing with Henry.

‘’even you?.i thought we were friends’’ she said to the girl who almost pissed on herself out of fright. It was very obvious the girl, Henry and comfort were somehow mixed up in something I just couldn’t place my hand on. It was very clear that Henry knew so much about comfort that he admitted to me.

‘’I think the best option should be for you to leave now that you have the chance’’ Henry cautiously muttered, drawing back comfort’s attention to himself.

‘’you had the chance to help me when I so desperately needed help but instead of helping , you felt it was better to take advantage of a helpless girl. Don’t even try preaching any nonsense to me’’ she shouted at Henry, Cocking her gun in the process.

‘’you needed money which I gave to you via my own condition. I never asked you join cultism. I never asked you to cheat in your exams, I wasn’t the school panel that rusticated you. Simply walk away now and find a way of fixing your life instead of blaming everyone. Or do you want to shoot us first ?. Will it make you happy?’’ Henry suddenly blasted, speaking out as if he wasn’t scared of getting shot anymore. I simply listened on, unable to understand what was actually going on.

‘’in which school was comfort rusticated?’’ I wondered,
‘’no it isn’t my school. What are they talking about?’’ I wondered uncomfortably.

‘’’so you told your cousin that I’m a cultist?, after everything I did for you. My mess with Caleb even started because of you. I slept with him so that you could pass and graduate’’ Comfort suddenly faced the scared girl once again with red eyes.

‘’no, no let’s be sincere, you didn’t sleep with Mr. Caleb because of me. You did it because you wanted him for yourself, using the exam I missed as an opportunity to get close to him’’ the girl quickly defended, while I helplessly laid on the bed and listened on . I couldn’t believe the whole twists were so real. I felt so horrible listening to how I was used.

‘’anyway I have you all where I want. What will stop me from shooting you all and saving the last bullet for myself?. I’m tired of living in a world full of lies’’ she threatened, forcing me to sit up with great pain.

‘’I really need to know the truth. I’m still very confused. What’s going on?’’ I asked, drawing every attention back to myself. Unfortunately my mother in law walked in that moment with little Jessica in her arms, something I never expected to happen. It was very obvious they missed Jessica on the way.

‘’dear Lord’’ I gasped as the old woman walked in and froze with shock on sighting comfort holding a gun.
Comfort looked at me and smiled. My head exploded with tension. I couldn’t believe that the nurses on duty outside my room were yet to realize that something closer to a hostage situation was going on in their premises.

‘’please shut the door madam’’ Comfort commanded my mother in law who quickly obeyed.

‘’so what stops me from killing Jessica’s child just like she killed mine?’’ she asked, but no one made a single comment.

‘’please madam, hand over the baby to the good young man by your side’’ she commanded once again, leaving my mother in law with no choice than to hand over little Jessica to the detective who kind of had a hard time carrying the child. It was quite obvious he wasn’t used to it. I simply watched on, so terribly scared.

‘’I’m leaving for good. I’m so sorry things got this messy’’ Comfort said, throwing a quick look at me.

‘’good bye my love. You can now enjoy your life. You can now fix everything and start all over. I will never forget you though’’ she added, picked up the detective’s gun and ran out of the room like a quick athlete.
The detective gently returned little Jessica to my mother in law and ran after her but unfortunately the time he wasted handing the baby back to my mother in law was enough to give comfort a clear chance to getaway.

A gunshot soon rang out as the detective made his way to the crowded hospital reception, causing great uproar that shook the whole building. It was obvious someone has been shot.

‘’I hope someone hasn’t been shot?’’ I pondered with fear as we all stared at each other, Henry, my mother in law and the familiar looking lady.

To be continued.

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