Mr Lecturer Season 2 episode 33

Episode 33

‘’come on man you can’t leave me hanging without at least telling me the reason you said Jessica is much safer in Abuja than in my home?’’ I tried one more time to persuade Henry to open up to me, as I got up to leave after spending hours with him in the hospital. He smiled and shook his head.

‘’there isn’t any need telling you what I’m not yet sure of. You know I still feel guilty for making you go through the dilemma of a second DNA test’’ he murmured carefully.

‘’but do you think it was Comfort who actually shot you?’’ I asked. He breathed deeply and smiled again.

‘’she’s your woman. I think you are in a better position to know what she can do’’ he answered while I shrugged and shook my head.

‘’well I know she can’t afford a gun or even afford hiring anyone to shoot you. Comfort doesn’t have a penny’’ I said softly, very unsure of my words.

‘’so you see, relax. I believe with time, many things will come around’’ he said seriously, leaving me with no choice than to keep my feelings to myself. Just like the detective said, Henry was definitely keeping something to himself but what really got me more worried was his real goal or aim in the whole deal. It really was disbelieving that he was keeping quiet or doing everything for my own benefit..

Later in the night, Jessica called to know how my day went, equally asking about Henry’s condition. I narrated everything that happened to her, my feelings and suspicions.
‘’my love it’s isn’t as if I’m being ungrateful to a friend whose actions till this moment has been helpful to me but I somehow do feel that there is more to Henry’s help than I see’’ I opened up seriously.

‘’yeah I feel so too. I can’t imagine a friend showing up in your office after staying away for months and offering to help you with all sincerity. I know such people still exist but with what you just told me, I think Henry has a sort of connection with Comfort. but what I don’t know is if it’s a good or bad connection.’’ She said slowly.

‘’so what do you advice I do?’’ I asked instantly.

‘’hmmm it’s a very difficult question, but left for me, I think you should move on with your life, face your work and prepare for my arrival. Searching for something that might not be real could end up ruining us more. If your friend and Comfort has something going, let them carry on with it. It won’t stop you from providing for the little baby caught up between the mess even though I do hate him. You shouldn’t risk your life for nothing. Since the two DNA test results showed that the baby is yours, simply provide for the child and ignore every other thing. The truth always comes out in the end. So you better be careful my love because If Comfort really was the person who shot your friend and you somehow poke your nose into the truth, do you feel she wont hesitate to pull the trigger on you?. I know that girl will rather kill you than let you walk away from her life’’ she said seriously.

‘’yea my love. I guess I should just forget about everything and get the home ready for you and my son’’ I said sweetly.

‘’that’s the spirit my love. Please keep yourself safe for me. I love you’’ she breathed with love…


But as days went by and Henry recovered quickly, I found myself getting more curious and anxious over the little secret my friend was keeping. I just couldn’t hold back nor follow up with Jessica’s advice. I decided to question Comfort, praying that somehow, she could lose guard and reveal things to me. Reveal what exactly?. Hmmm I really don’t know.

Henry was discharged from the hospital on Friday evening. Exactly one week after he was shot. As a good friend, I was present to support and take him home.

‘’I know you are still worried over everything?. I also have noticed the way you now look at me with suspicion. Just relax, when the time is ripe you will discover that things are not always as they seem. Don’t be in a haste to know everything. Relax brother.’’ Henry said as soon as we got to his home. A comment he probably made to assure me that he was still on my side, but I wasn’t moved by it.

‘’I’m not a fool bro. I know you are keeping something terrible from me. Perhaps you also had an affair with comfort after I brought her to your hotel. Perhaps you are blackmailing her over something else. Perhaps it’s not even all about me. You know I still find it strange how you showed up in my office after many months of us not talking to each other and suddenly offered to help me. It took you no time to discover that Comfort’s doctor is equally her cousin. Then days afterwards you got shot. You suddenly become more secretive’’ I flared up, trying my best to push him into talking. but he simply stared at me with shock and surprise, smiling slowly.

‘’you know, supposing you were this smart, you wouldn’t have been played by your Comfort. The answers you have been desperately looking for, are right within your grasp. Just that you fail to open your eyes’’ he said seriously, drawing out a very vicious gaze from me.
I felt like strangling him. I felt like forcing him to open up. The zeal was in me. He equally noticed it.

‘’hey bro relax. I’m on your side. For your wife’s safety, Please be smart and wait for things to unfold. I got nothing else to say yet’’ he breathed as we exchanged glances.
All that was in my mind that moment was to head over to Comfort’s house and force her into talking since it was futile getting Henry to open up.

I was tired of being treated like a weakling. It was time to man up.

To be continued

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