Mr Lecturer Season 2 episode 38

Episode 38

‘’let’s go home and freshen up. You need to eat and rest. We will be back for the paper work’’ I said softly. She held me strongly as if her life depended on it.

‘’please don’t leave me. I don’t want to be alone’’ she cried..

An hour later, we arrived at her apartment where some concerned neighbors were waiting for our return. Comfort started crying all over again, leaving me with no choice than to try my best in comforting her.. I spent all morning with her, managing to sneak out around 12pm, after convincing her that I will be back in an hour.

‘’please don’t stay away for too long. I cant bear staying alone’’ she begged as I left her apartment..

I really was a shadow of myself when I got home. Tears instantly appeared in Jessica’s eyes as soon as she saw how pitiable I looked.

‘’my love’’ she breathed, hugging me.

‘’I don’t know how I feel right now’’ I confessed with all my heart.

‘’I know my love. I know’’ she breathed solemnly..

An hour later, after freshening up and eating, I got set to head back to comfort’s apartment.

‘’I really don’t know if I will be returning today. I hate to admit that comfort isn’t in the right frame of her mind right now and I promised to be with her’’ I explained slowly to Jessica who i felt really wasn’t pleased with what i just said even though she never showed her feelings..

‘’ how about her mother?’’ she asked

‘’I don’t know if she has told her family about what happened. Supposing her mother was around, perhaps this wouldn’t have happened’’ I answered with a shrug.

‘’should I go with you?, at least to pay my condolence’’ she asked, but I shook my head immediately.

‘’no comfort isn’t with her head at the moment. She wont be happy to see you’’ I answered, clearly avoiding telling her the main reason for my refusal. It was very obvious that comfort felt Jessica was behind it all. A very laughable accusation.

‘’do take care of yourself sweetheart’’ I added sweetly, kissing Jessica before heading out…


I fetched comfort at her apartment and together we headed to the hospital where we did all necessary paper work before burying the little child. It was quite a swift ceremony. Everything was done in record time. However I failed speaking with the doctor who clearly avoided me all through that day, though he promised to talk things with me as we fetched the little boy for burial.
‘’you know we can’t talk right now due to time and many other factors but relax we will talk today’’ he had assured me. But unfortunately I couldn’t find him after the burial ceremony, because he managed to melt away even though he stood by Comfort’s side during the brief ceremony. However I wasn’t perturbed because I knew where to find him the next day.


Comfort and I returned to her apartment much later in the evening where she began crying all over again. It was just as if her eyes refused to run out of tears. To be honest, I knew she just wasn’t crying only for her son but equally crying over all she was about to lose. Yea I was sad to have lost the little boy who brought in so much mysteries with him but I equally was relieved that things were definitely shaping up for me.
I just couldn’t wait to disappear from Comfort’s life but at the moment I still had a duty to perform. I had to be with her until her grief was over.

‘’you know I still don’t understand why your mum isn’t here yet’’ I complained as we settled in her apartment. She sniffed and shrugged.

‘’I didn’t inform my family on time. They will be here tomorrow’’ she answered while I heaved a sigh of relief. I really wasn’t used to playing the role of a nanny and I just wasn’t comfortable with her..

We had a very restless night with comfort crying almost all through. She cried like a woman who lost her husband and kids. She cried like someone who was tired of living and as a human, I really felt for her.


Very early the next day, I headed to the hospital, barging into the doctor’s office without waiting to be asked in. On seeing the look on my face, the doctor sprang up and drew back with fear.

‘’calm down Mr Caleb, relax, let’s talk. You see, your son died of sickle cell complications. The boy had sickle cell. Please calm down’’ he nervously explained, stopping me with his words.

I couldn’t believe my ears as the room revolved around me.

To be continued

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