Mr Lecturer Season 2 episode 3

Episode 3

9:30am, Caleb’s Apartment

I slowly enjoyed the bread, tea and egg my wife Jessica served me, nodding my head as i devoured the wonderful breakfast.
Jessica waited on me calmly, asking no questions until i was done with the meal.

“so what’s up?, did you get the answers you went searching for?” she asked curiously. I breathed deeply and shrugged, returning her look. We silently stared at each other for some seconds before i cleared my throat.

“The Priest really got me more confused this time around than in the previous occasion i needed his words. He told me that Comfort’s baby is mine but still confirmed that neither the child nor the mother is in my future, which i find so hard to interpret. Okay lets assume that the priest’s words will all come to past, what do you think can erase comfort and her child from our life if not death?” i poured out desperately while my wife stared at me silently, saying nothing as she pondered over my words. I reached forward and grabbed her hand.

“my love please say something. I beg of you” i demanded. She shook her head, her face quickly colouring up.

“i don’t know what to say nor believe. I equally can’t tell you not to believe the priest’s words. Though i never knew catholic priests now sees visions” she said a bit coldly, forcing me to stare at her with concern but before i could say anything further, my phone rang, drawing our attention. I slowly reached for it.

“hello Mr Azubuike, my name is Victor Moses from Vanguard newspaper. Please i really will so much love to have a short interview with you, concerning the latest news surrounding your affair with a student. Please i hope you will have the time to tell us your side of the story?” he pushed on, getting me more annoyed with each word he said. I bit my lips with rage and threw my phone away, shocking my wife with my action.

“now they want to make fortune out of my predicament. Fools” i hissed while she drew closer and held me.

“who called, what happened?” she asked.

“d–n journalists” i breathed.

“dear lord” she gasped. I quickly controlled my temper and smiled at her.

“don’t worry my love. I got things under control. There is this girl i helped out last year. She’s a senator’s daughter and she owes me a favour. I think i told you about her last year do you remember?” i asked while she kept quiet as she thought over my words.

” I will reach out to her and get her to help me out. With her father’s influence, i believe i will get my job back. You know everything in this country is all about politics” i said with all seriousness but unfortunately my wife wasn’t pleased with what i just told her. In fact she frowned as she listened to my words.

“oh dear Lord, don’t tell me you are trying to get involved with another single lady?” was all that escaped her lips, making me a bit embarrassed.

“my love please don’t sound that way” i begged softly, regretting telling her my plans.

“if your plan means bringing another single lady into our life, then i’m totally against it” she poured out, turned and left the dinning room without another word.
I shook my head as i watched her leave. Only if she knew how much i was suffering. Of course i also knew she was suffering as well but with the way she behaved, I just didn’t know what to do anymore without hurting her feelings.

It’s always good to be honest and open to your wife but sometimes there are things you better keep to yourself….

To be continued

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