The Diabolic Pastor episode 13

The Diabolic Pastor

Part 13

he said and collected a gun from Skippo he point at my head before he pull the trigger I heard a gunshot.

We were all frightened the gunshot came again and this time it kill Skippo standing next to me I was really sacred Pastor Chris began to turn around trying to look for the shooter but he didn’t see anybody.

“Get down now!!” A soldier came in shooting Pastor Chris in the left leg “We have you surrounded chris!! Your evil days are over!!” The soldier said I was really happy within me as myriad of army troop in with guns they untie me and bayo immediately I quickly went to where Grace and Rebecca is and free them with the name of Jesus Christ.

When we came out of the shrine I discover we were actually under the church the whole time. Pastor Chris built the underground shrine right where the altar is.

I couldn’t believe my eyes so also is bayo as we were leaving the church a mysterious wind began to blow it was so strong the windows began to shatter one by one we hasten our movement instantly as we almost got to the door that leads out of the church a sudden fire evolve in front of us and quench immediately. Suddenly the rest of the members appeared in front of us and the door got shut by itself, we stagger backward a little and some of the soldiers came in front of us to protect us.

“Fire!!!” The captain ordered and began to shoot them but not even a single bullet hit them.

“Hahaha!!” They all laugh hysterically, the Baba step forward his face was looking so grimmed he point his staff to Pastor Chris and he disappeared from the hands of the soldiers and appear in their midst. I examined him from head to toe there was no single traces of bullet in his left leg anymore.

We became sacred as they look so Stern they all stretch their hands forward and the guns in the hands of the soldiers came to them in a twinkling of an eye. We were sacred bayo and I move backward with some few steps, immediately they pull the trigger and kill all the soldiers standing in front of us about fifteen of them died on a spot.

We became so sacred the soldiers remaining were just five in numbers and they were at our back carrying Grace and Rebecca because they are too weak to walk.

“Hahaha!!” The Baba laugh “Say goodbye!!” He said and they all pull the trigger and shot us but none of the bullet touch us.

We were surprised I examined my body there was no single scratch there was confusion among them seeing what just happened.

The Baba step forward and looked at me he was so furious

“I told you this guy can’t be hurt he has that mark!!” The Baba said suddenly the door flung open and battalions of soldiers came in fully armed.

“Get down !!! Now on your knees!!” One of the soldiers ordered, they pull the trigger but there was no single bullet coming out from the guns they were shocked they turn to the Baba and he muttered some incantations for them to disappear but nothing happened he recite it again but they were unable to disappear.

“I said get down!! Now!!” The soldier said again and gently they went down on their knees and were all arrested.

We became free at last and were taken to the hospital for treatment.

The whole news had circulated through the whole city about the devilish act of Pastor Chris and his cohort. Police from different state came to inspect his church and discover the the underground shrine beneath the altar. After some thorough inspection they found some skull and skeleton of people at the back of the church.

All the members of the church were shocked when they heard some didn’t believe until they went to the church and see for themselves.

Mummy twins heard the news and came to the hospital where we are admitted we were kept in the same ward. She couldn’t hold her tears when she saw her two daughters Grace and Rebecca after some years.

“So I can still see my daughters with my two eyes again so Lord truly you never neglect your own!!” She said as she examine Grace and Rebecca very well. I was happy that God actually helped me to save them when she sighted me she smile

“Uncle!!” She call out ” You said it and you did it!! Thank you so much!! “She said almost going on her knees.

” I am not the one that did it, it was God”I said and she thank me again.

Two weeks after Pastor Chris and his cohorts were sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour and the court gave order for his church to be demolished.

After a months Grace and Rebecca were discharge from the hospital and went home with their mother in joy.

Bayo and I were also discharge from the hospital on our way he said

“Success you know all this incident taught me a lesson!!”

“Hmmm and what lesson is that?” I asked

“We must always be filled with the Holy Spirit!!” He said “Despite how the Gospel Church was full of people that call themselves Christians you were the only one that has the Holy Spirit and was able to see what has been going in the church!!” He said

“Well yes bayo you are right. We all need the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to see into the realm of the spirit according to what Jesus Christ said in the Bible he said many false prophet will come and deceive many people. One of those prophet is Pastor Chris everyone thinks he is a genuine man of God but in the real sense he is a fake and Diabolic Pastor.” I said

“Sure fact my brother ” he said and we board a cab and went home.

The End

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