The Governor’s PA episode 3&4



Episode 3 (problem)

When the Governor’s daughter threatened that she was going to shout and accuse me, I became a little scared. I wanted to oblige to her wish but my conscience warned me to reject this problem that was about to escalate. My inner voice reminded me of the story of Joseph, how he refused to fall for Potifa wife’s temptation and made me believe I can be like the bible Joseph because I bere the name and I’m a Christian

“See madam, I don’t care if you run out and shout. Right now, I’m not doing this with you” I told her boldly.

“If you dare me, I won’t only come down and shout, I will also call my Dad right away and tell him that you wanted to ra*pe me”

I didn’t heed her threats. They are empty words coming from a fifteen year old girl.

“You’re just fifteen; you still have a long way to go. I can’t just let you ruin my life of twenty-nine years” I told her and got out of the car.

Before I could turn around and enter back into the car, to the driver’s seat, she had already wore her clothes back.

Immediately I started the car so as to continue our journey home, she opened the car door.

“Why did you open coolval stories the door?” I asked, turning my head backwards.

“Because I’m going out” She answered.

“Going out to where?’

“To the house of a friend who will satisfy my urge; since you are rejecting me” She said and got out of the car

Seems like this girl is a problem

“Elizabeth, come back here?” I shouted her name for the first time.

She turned around. And looking fiercely at me while I still sat on the driver’s seat, she warned

“Never in your life call me Elizabeth again! If you must call me; Call me Eli. ‘E.L.I” she spelled and turn away; walking away.

Is she seriously going away? To where do I tell her father that she went to? Like this girl seriously wants to bring problem to me.

To be continued.




Episode 4 (lies)

I thought of what to do as the Governor daughter decided to go to where I don’t know. I thought of what to tell her father. Will he believe me if I say she got out of the car with the intention of going to see her friend? Or will he believe me if I say she got out of the car angrily because I refused to oblige to her request? He will ask me what she had requested from me. How do I explain the naughty attitude she display earlier to him?.

Gush! There’s no excuse. The Governor will just send me to prison.

I quickly got out of the car. I could see her. She was still walking towards the end of the road.

“Elizabeth!! I mean Eli…” I shouted and to my surprise, she stopped. I quickly ran to her.

“Please don’t leave! Let’s just go home”

“Why? Am I to take orders from you or you are to take from me?

“This is not an order. It’s a plead. Please”

“You didn’t listen to my plead earlier so why should I listen to yours?”

“Because I don’t know what to tell your father if I don’t return with you”

“You don’t need to tell my father anything” She said and started walking away. I went after her and held her hand. Her hand was soft and chill like a baby’s own. That instant, I remembered how supple her brea*st was and I imagined how soft her body would be. “Ah! God have mercy on me”. I rebuked the imagination and wagged my head so it would go off my mind.

“What If your father ask after you, what should I tell him?” I asked her

“It’s simple. Don’t tell him anything”
She tried to walk away.

“Are you sure this girl is not having a mental disorder? I asked myself and held her back. How can she expect me to say nothing to her father; the governor of swizzle group?

“How can I just shut my mouth in the presence of a father who asked after his daughter?” I asked her

“If you must know, my father won’t ask after me. He probably would be in his study room before you return” She pulled her hand from mine

“So you see? He won’t even see you, let alone to ask you about me. But if you think you must tell him something; tell him you brought me home and I went straight to my room” She said and started to walk away.

I paused. I was confused. What I should do? She was seriously walking away. The words she vomited were lies and too naive to be believed by an adult like her father.

Although I’m going to be spending my first night in their house and would be going to work often from there. I still don’t know how thing are done and can’t bring myself to think out the way activities moves in their house.
Maybe these are the same words she told her previous drivers and they refused to heed her and she set them up and they ended up in prison. I wondered.

Better heed her words ooh’ My mind told me.
I heed her lies. I was going to tell it to her father so I allowed her walk away.

To be continued…

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