Lady narrates how she slept alone in her lodge only to wake up to see man sleeping beside her

An ex UNN student has shared a perplexing story of how she slept alone in her lodge only to wake up at 3 am to see a man lying beside her.

The lady took to social media to remark that her life never ended when she slept alone to wake up to a stranger sleeping beside her bed with only shorts.

Lady slept alone lodge wake up man

According to the lady, she lived alone in her lodge during her university days at UNN.

However, when she woke up at 3am she saw a man who wore only boxers sleeping besides her.

She wrote:

“Working out because life didn’t End when I was in UNN. Slept aloneiin my roont but woke up by 3am with a man laying beside me with yo just boxers on. Looking at me”

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@Kwin Jennie said: “U go do story time oo… please someone should like”

@Kvng Gold🎙️ said: “You no dey lock door ?”

@Yakira black🖤 said: “Abeg talk story time that hilltop de fear me”

@EMMANUEL 🖤 said: “U self see wating u carry 😭😭see e long from back”

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