Shades Of Romance episode 44

Shades Of Romance 🫂
Episode 44 finale

On getting to Benin, we headed straight to the police station where we narrated our ordeal to DSP Maku. He quickly swung into action by contacting his colleagues in Delta State.
Chief Manuel and Jenifer went to hospital afterwards, while the police, Tony, Joe and i headed back to the village where we were held captive after getting enough details from the priest who declined going with us for his own safety.

Unfortunately we never found my car nor got any of the thugs when we arrived the village. We searched everywhere but got nothing.
That was how I lost my Tanker and car in just few weeks, but thank God i still had my life to live. I was given a second opportunity to live a very clean Christian life.

Joe became much more than a bodyguard to me from that day. We became so close like family. He became the brother i never had. My close ally and everything.
As for Chuck Noris, he was never caught. A situation which made all of us very scared, because he had the means and power to strike back at any time. His sojourn in Europe really made him a master of crime.

I hosted a big get together at my house, three days after our miraculous escape from captivity. I organised a big party for my townsmen, using the opportunity to apologize to everyone especially Tony who hugged me at the end of the day. It was just so wonderful.

Finally, Jenifer and I got married two months later in a quiet ceremony. We rushed everything because she found out she was pregnant four weeks after the terrible adventure, but unfortunately she lost the baby four days after our wedding. A situation that broke our hearts and prompted a very hasty decision from me.
I decided to move out of Benin city with her. I quickly made plans and arrangements.

A month later, we arrived South Africa to start a new life, leaving behind my two gas stations and house under Joe’s care.
Jenifer had difficulty getting pregnant again, but we were finally blessed with a cute baby boy through surgery a year later. However it came with a big price.
She will never conceive again, but I still do love her. I do love my family. They are all i got.

Love is a beautiful thing but sometimes it comes with great price and complications. We are in Africa, please love reasonably………..


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