Shades Of Romance episode 39

Shades Of Romance 🫂
Episode 39

Nightfall slowly approached, drawing more fear into my heart as darkness gradually filled up everywhere. We all sat on the bare floor, so tired, hungry and hopeless. We weren’t given even a cup of water all through that fateful day.

“i think the end has come. They failed bringing even a cup of water for me” Chief Manuel said to himself, while i caressed Jenifer’s hand with tension.
But before darkness could totally cover up the whole room, our prison door opened, revealing the man behind everything to us. His name was Chuk Noris.

We all gasped with shock on seeing him. He no other person but a member of our community, though not related to any of us but well known.. He was a very popular rascal who terrorized our community some years back when i was still a student, but was among the group of men who left the country with Tony to hustle abroad. Unfortunately things didn’t go well for him over there and nobody heard from him again till that very moment we saw him walk into the room.

We never for a moment suspected he was back in the country, moreover he failed to show up at his father’s burial late last year. His father was my late dad’s friend and died after struggling to manage diabetics which ate up one of his legs. He died after unsuccessfully struggling to raise money for surgery. It really was a painful and long story.

Chief Manuel was the first to jump up with fear on seeing him. The look on his face clearly showed that they had some unresolved issues, likewise Tony who froze with fear on seeing him. But what i couldn’t figure out was my business with him that warranted kidnapping Jenifer. We weren’t age mates, nor friends, neither did we do any business together.

“chuck Norris, what’s the meaning of this?” Chief Manuel asked with fear.

“relax, we have enough time. You will all hear your sins. My sojourn in Europe taught me a lot. It taught me never to fail getting back on anyone that hurt me. This is a revenge mission. Relax” he smiled coldly and licked his lips…….

Chuck really had a bad heart, there wasn’t any doubt he was going to kill us but i just couldn’t wait to ask what i did to him nor allow him to hurt Jenifer without a fight.

story continues

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