Shades of Romance episode 13


Episode 13


I kept to myself for two days before visiting Jenifer on the third day.
I made my way to her apartment at exactly 7:45 in the evening. She was surprised to see me because i never told her i was coming.

“Emmy” she gasped with surprise when she answered the door to see me, making no chance for me to enter her house.

“hope i will be permitted inside?” i asked confidently.

“oh!” she exclaimed and made way for me. I slowly walked in while she shut the door and faced me curiously.

“you know, you shouldn’t be here?” she asked quietly. I smiled, drew close and stared into her eyes.

“yea i know” i breathed with deep passion.
“i couldn’t continue staying away” i confessed, held her hands and brought down my lips on hers, Swiftly kissing her tenderly.
She instantly backed away from me, her face growing pale.

“I beg you, please stop this nonsense” she pleaded weakly.

“i can’t. I just can’t” i murmured with emotion.

“please don’t say no to me. I beg of you” i prayed. She breathed deeply, saying nothing.
The confusion in her was quite noticeable. A part of her wanted me, while the other part resisted.

“I really do love you” i added seriously, brought down my lips and kissed her again. This time she didn’t push me away, instead glued herself to me as my kiss got hold of her.

I kissed and fondled her, while she slowly responded in a way that aroused me greatly. In no time we were on the floor, kissing and fighting in a very wondrous manner. Slowly, i reached for her bosoms, my hands swift and magical. She moaned more and more, which encouraged and made me extremely excited.

It was now a matter of time before i got fed with the best food ever. She was ripe and ready to be devoured.
Confidently i tried undressing her, loosening her blouse expertly, but suddenly i saw myself in the air, inches away from her. I was dazed, confused and shocked.

“please it’s okay. I’m not ready” she poured out solemnly. Guilt instantly appearing on her face, but before i could say anything, the smell of burning food hit us.

“oh no!” she screamed and ran towards her kitchen.
“do stay put, we still have a lot to discuss” she shouted and disappeared into the kitchen.

“damn” i cursed, while my manhood nodded its head angrily.

To be continued.

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