Shades of Romance episode 12


Episode 12


By 7:10pm that fateful day, Tony and I were seated in Jenifer’s cosy sitting room. The tension in the room was very hot and serious.

“please stop keeping me in suspense. I beg to hear what you intend saying to me” Tony finally appealed, breaking the silence in the room. I listened uneasily.

“Tony you are a very nice generous person. Very friendly and cheerful, but the little incident that happened some days ago changed some of my feelings towards you. I know you never intentionally meant bad for me, but seriously some things can’t be changed” Jenifer spoke quietly, throwing occasional glances at me as she addressed a very nervous Tony.
“you claim to be in Love with me?. The answer i can’t verify. You were seriously engaged to another girl before meeting me?. The answer i have verified.
Have my feelings towards you changed?. Oh yes it has changed. I no longer love you Tony, though to be honest i never had something strong for you” she poured out effortlessly. I drew back on my seat while Tony sprang up with shock.

“I beg of you!” he screamed,

“The decision has been made my dear. You have a girl that loves you much more than i do. I can’t take her place, let’s just be friends please” she tried calming him down.

“just because of a single mistake?. It’s obvious you have been waiting for this to happen. You never were in love with me. Gosh this is so incredible damn” Tony breathed unhappily. I simply sat and watched the drama silently.
Everything was just going as i wanted. My friend was right about one thing. Jenifer never loved him, but was in the relationship due to reasons best known to her until the situation i helped create presented itself.

“aren’t you going to say something?” Tony suddenly faced me, bringing me out from my thoughts with his question. I instantly jumped up and stared at the two adults speechlessly. They returned my look, eager to hear what was in my mind.

“I’m sorry bro, but there is nothing i can say. It’s obvious she had everything well planned out. I’m shocked, i rather not say anything” i stammered and looked away.

“I need a drink, i’m boiling right now” Tony breathed, gave Jenifer a long look before leaving the apartment furiously. I dutifully followed him like a loyal friend.

We ended up in a small bar just across his house. I couldn’t do anything than watch my friend drink himself to coma. I was satisfied with the turn out of events but not entirely happy. My conscience wouldn’t let me.

By 10pm i carried Tony to his apartment, took him to bed and called Irene before leaving the apartment.

“Tony is now yours. Come take care of him tomorrow” i informed her with a dry smile..

It was finally time to move over to the final stage of my plan. The most risky and difficult part…

To be continued.
© Nkemjika Valentine

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