Shades Of Romance episode 20


Episode 20


We got to Joe’s apartment, fetched the gun and headed out in search of Tony. I wasn’t thinking straight. All that was in my mind was hitting back on Tony.

Luckily for him, he wasn’t in his house nor at the terrible work shop he called his office. I turned back and returned to my gas station, my eyes red with fury.

“oga you have to take things easy, calm down and think over the situation. It isn’t wise making a hasty decision” Joe tried advising me. I bit my lips, saying nothing to him.

I called Jenifer hours later, telling her the terrible news. She couldn’t believe her ears, screaming with shock.
“don’t worry, i will deal with Tony” i promised her.

“c’mon stop that kind of talk. I’m responsible for this terrible crisis. You can’t imagine how bad i feel, drawing two friends into a fight. Please come over to my apartment immediately. I’m all alone” she begged.

“fine i’m on my way” i replied, hung up and nodded at Joe.
“let’s go home” i said to him.

Jenifer was surprised seeing Joe with me when i got to her apartment. Her surprise however turned to a deep shock when we got to her bedroom and i told her the reason Joe was with me.

“c’mon don’t tell me it has gotten so bad for you to hire a bodyguard?” she asked fearfully.

“yes my dear. Don’t you think someone that has the mind to set my Tanker on fire isn’t capable of killing me?” i replied, held her hand and stared into her eyes.

“you have to get your things my dear. You are moving in with me today. I don’t think you are save here. Tony might hire some guys to rape you in order to punish me further” i said seriously. She nodded with fear, rushed to her ward rope and began packing her things.

I returned to the sitting room and smiled at Joe.
“I know we never discussed about you sleeping at my place in your contract, and i guess you won’t agree to that considering your family and age. But the problem is that I don’t have a gateman at my place. I never needed one because it’s just a small compound, but now i need one. I need someone to guard the place especially when i’m not around. Can you get any good one for me?” i asked curiously.

“yea i know two Fulani brothers who can do the work very well. I have seen them in action. They are agile and good with machete. I believe they can handle guns as well” he answered with a smile.

“good, go get them immediately. Try persuade them to come this evening” i said seriously, while he gave me a worried look, nodded and left.

I was very scared as i drove home all alone with Jenifer. I was afraid Tony might be lying in wait for me at my empty compound. I regretted permitting Joe to leave. It was just a hasty miscalculated decision on my part.

Yea Jenifer was mine, but seriously the relationship was leaving a big scar on me. Nevertheless i was a born fighter and giving her up was never an option to me.

“baby i love you” i sweetly said to her. She smiled and licked her lips. Cautiously we headed to my house.

To be continued.
© Valentine Nkemjika

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