Shades Of Romance episode 38

Shades Of Romance 🫂
Episode 38

“don’t tell me you won’t speak to Tony even in this situation” Jenifer asked me with a smile, desperately trying to make peace between us.
I breathed deeply, forced out a smile and stared at Tony who quickly looked away.

“seriously i’m amazed to see you right here. I thought you were the guy plotting everything?” i asked him curiously. Chief Manuel scoffed and shook his head while Tony ignored me by saying nothing.

“Since you are not the person behind this drama, who then could it be??, moreover how did you get here. I thought only Chief Manuel was kidnapped?” i asked him curiously.

“just shut up and keep quiet. I don’t have your time” he finally responded coldly.

“Tony was brought in here hours before you guys came in. So save your breathe young man. I eat only once in a day and i don’t know if your own fate will be worst. Mind you they are not holding us for ransom. Something big is going down” Chief Manuel advised seriously. I swallowed hard and gently sat on the floor, extremely scared and nervous.

“do you think they are going to kill us?” i asked fearfully.

“I think so, since we weren’t kidnapped for ransom. Moreover the guy watching us doesn’t bother to hide his identity or cover his face” the chief answered weakly.
“i have been here for many days and i can tell you it’s terrible. I haven’t poured water on my body since i got here. To urinate, you have to shout and shout until the silly boy outside decides to open the door” he concluded sadly.

“this is ridiculous, we have to do something, we can’t just sit and wait for death. After all we aren’t tied” i said desperately.

“do you think our captors are silly to leave us untied?. We are in the middle of nowhere, surrendered by forest and swamps” Tony cut in a raised tone.

“I admire your courage, but i’m too weak to join in such adventure. I have already said my last prayers” Chief Manuel added with resignation, while tears freely fell from Jenifer’s eyes.

“we are all dying together” she cried sorrowfully, and of course she was very right. We all might be dying together but i was certain of one thing.
I knew the person behind the whole drama would reveal himself before executing us….

To be continued

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