Shades of Romance episode 18& 19


Episode 18&19


I drove over to Ring road, picked up Joe and furiously headed to my gas station. We discussed the job at hand as i drove. His answers were cool and encouraging, just like his appearance which was very intimidating.

I cried out on getting to my gas station where my tanker burned uncontrollably. Firefighters and my staff were busy, desperately trying to put out the raging fire.
I almost collapsed, watching an investment that cost me millions of Naira burn.

“oh Tony you will pay for this. You must surely pay” i swore with my heart while tears freely fell from my eyes.

“oga you shouldn’t be crying publicly. At least the gas station isn’t affected. The body of the tanker is still redeemable, it’s just the engine and driver’s corner that is on fire” Joe said quietly, trying to calm me. I simply hissed and eyed him.

The fire was finally extinguished about twenty five minutes later, but the level of damage it created was quite shocking. The Tanker was just a shadow of itself. I couldn’t get myself to look at it.

After settling with my staff and firefighters who saved the day. I headed out to confront Tony. I was ready for a showdown. The anger in me was capable of killing him.
There wasn’t any doubt he hit me where it hurt most. Of course he was clever going after my tanker, something he knew i valued very well.

A business man survives and lives for his business. Take out the business and the man behind the business is vulnerable to bankruptcy, poverty, hunger and death.

“hope you have something on you?. Hope you are armed?” i asked Joe as i furiously drove to confront Tony. He looked at me with surprise.

“no sir, I wasn’t expecting to start work today” he stammered.

“but you do have a gun?. You have weapons?” i asked curiously.

“yes sir. I have a licensed pistol” he answered carefully.

“good we are going to get it. So how do we get to your house?” i asked, stopping my car in a corner. He breathed deeply and stared at my cold face.

“oga what are you trying to do?” he asked.

“we are going to confront the guy who just burnt my tanker, but first we must go get your gun” i said seriously. He shook his head, his face growing pale with worry.

“sir i’m not an assassin. I took this job because you wanted a bodyguard” he stammered, while i scoffed.

“i’m not asking you to kill anybody. We are heading to my enemy’s house and it’s logical as my bodyguard your weapon must be with you to protect me” i answered sharply. He shrugged with a shoulder.

“sir seriously with the mood you are in. I fear the worst” he murmured carefully.

“i need the direction to your house” i barked.

“fine drive on and take right when you get to the junction ahead” he said slowly. I gave him a searching look, drew back and drove on.

I wasn’t going to let Tony destroy me because of a woman. I had to man up and beat him once again….

To be continued
© Nkemjika Valentine

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