Shades Of Romance episode 33

Shades Of Romance 🫂
Episode 33

On getting to Tony’s house, i begged the young officer with me to wait behind in the car. He reluctantly agreed, giving me the privacy i needed to confront Tony.

I slowly made my way into the compound without anybody stopping me. I murmured some quick prayers before knocking on the front door.
Tony soon came out and stared at me with surprise.

“what are you doing here?” he asked suspiciously.

“i came in peace bro, please i need to speak with you” i begged.

“you are not welcomed in my house, just go away. Go with your evil spirit” he fired angrily.

“please you got to hear me out. Things has escalated from our little fight to another thing. I don’t just understand what’s going on. I’m now accused of kidnapping Chief Manuel. Please i need you to listen to me” i begged desperately, lowering pride before him, but he kicked on it.

“i’m sorry but i don’t care. You deserve everything happening to you. I will even testify to anyone who cares that you have the ability to kidnap the chief. Get away from my house” he barked and slammed the door on my face. I couldn’t believe i brought myself so low before him only to be insulted like a beggar.
I shook my head, sighed and headed back to my car.

Without another word, i drove straight to the state police headquarters to confront my fate.
There wasn’t any doubt i was merely on my own, without any friend nor family to back me up.
All i had left was my guts and i prayed for it to lead me through my current crises.

My situation really was a very critical one. But one thing i promised myself was getting to the bottom of the whole affair. I swore to unravel the mystery working against me. I swore to get the man causing all the troubles i was passing through.
A part of me felt it was Tony while a greater felt it wasn’t him.

To be continued

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