Shades of Romance episode 27

Shades Of Romance 🫂

Episode 27
“no you can’t” she breathed with delight.

“oh yes” i replied, kissing her strongly and sending her to high heavens with my super exciting kisses. She drew back and fell on my bed while i quickly climbed over her, my hands expertly working on her hair, shoulder and back.

I caressed her with perfect abandon, feeling every bit of her body and arousing our desires with my delicate touches.
“aah, ooh oooh!” she mo@ned with pleasure as our tongues fought each other as they battled for supremacy.

In no time, she was naked before me, her clothes steps away from us. I continued with what i knew how to do best, firing up her hormones with my hands which were now in the lower region of her b0dy, as they slowly headed for her honeypot, for some nasty finger work.

“easy please ” she cried as my middle right finger tapped the edge of her k—y wall.

“i have never s—-d a woman in my life, but i’m going to do it for you” i breathed with passion, pulled away from her, drew down and buried my head in between her w@rm l@ps, using my t0ngue to brush and lick every inch of her wet k—y.😋😋

“oooooooooh” she cried with desire, pressing in my head with her hand. I licked and licked until my tongue went sore.😋😋
Slowly i pulled out my head and buried my overly excited d–k into the waiting wet k—y without any condom.😋😋

Of course, i knew what i was doing. I was very serious about marrying her and so saw no need of using protection again. However she never knew i went in without protection, because she was high with passion as i penetr@ted and r0de her, but if she really did notice, she never showed it.
Quietly i knacked her, taking it one step at a time while my head rotated with pleasure.

“Emmy i love you” she moaned. I smiled with happiness.
The poor girl thought she was making a mistake by being with me and it was my duty to prove her wrong. It was my duty to confront and defend her honour before my town union members. It was my duty to convince my people and make them understand. It was my duty to make her happy. I had a big task ahead of me, but i pushed everything aside as we enjoyed the rare moment.
Oh and s-x is the sweetest thing on earth.
Slowly we rode to a new world, a new life and happiness……

Is men capable of loving in such way?: yes we are….🥺🥺

To be continued.

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