My Side Chick episode 7

Episode 07

“ Yes! Yes!” Faith had said as she jumped .She had grown to love Fayez and wanted him so much,the mother heard her shouting in joy and rushed to her room.

“ Cheru is everything okay?”

“ Yes ma!”

“ And this your happiness is not normal,what are you happy about?”

“ Nothing ma,is anyone not allowed to be happy”

“ Okey,ooh I don’t want any problems into my house”

That evening Faith had finished her food and rushed to the room,it was so unusual for her but the mother had assumed.She knew that there was something her daughter was hiding but she had decided that she will do the investigation slowly.Mr Cheruiyot her father had arrived some few minutes later.

“ Ken where is your sister,go and call her here” the boy had ran and knocked at the sisters door before the father could say anymore.

He led the way as she followed behind closely to go and meet his dad who was sitted at the maroon couch his arms crossed on his chest watching news.She was worried but gathered courage and went to meet the dad.

“ You are leaving tomorrow for school daughter,get ready by eight we will have left”

“ But dad, tomorrow is the opening day, please let me stay for a bit longer”

“ Tomorrow is the official date for resuming and classes will begin on Wednesday,I can’t allow you to miss school because you want to stay home or is it because of that engineer boy you want to stay”

“ Dad no.I promised you that I was going to focus on my study,I don’t have time for a relationship at my age” she said as she walked away into the bedroom.

Faith detested school so much and she could not imagine but wonder why her father would force her to go to on the first week and she was in college.Her friends would always report three to four weeks after school opens.She sat her arms on the chin and her mind wandered far,as she thought of her love.

She then took her phone and texted Fayez who was in the bathroom having a shower,After he was done he had left the bathroom wrapped in his white towel, switched the phone to see if there was any new message from the side chick.

‘ Hey am leaving tomorrow for school’ he smiled then replied.

‘ That is nice,am also leaving tonight,we will be in touch when you arrive’ he then switched off the phone and dressed himself with a casual blue jeans,white shirt,black jacket and a white Nike sports shoes” Hakim was busy packing the suitcases and luggages on the black Toyota Hilux when he walked out.They stood talking with the wife for some minutes before he got into the car and drove off.The wife had then locked the metallic door that led to the sitting room,then she took the son to sleep, switched off the lights and went to sleep.

To be Continued…
Written by Tony Sáng

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