My Side Chick episode 22

Episode 22

Each day the bond between Fayez and Faith was growing from bad to worse,they started quarelling and engaging in fights even in front of their innocent girl.

Faith couldn’t stop reminding Fayez of the house but he assured her that he wasn’t buying a house for anyone,if she felt that she wasn’t okay she could as well leave to his father’s house.

Faith graduation was very near and she knew that she had to fight for her space before Fayez dumps her.

One day while Fayez had gone to have a bath,she quickly unplugged his phone from the charger.She had been using Precious to know his phone’s pattern,she opened the phone and took the wife’s phone number then rushed to the kitchen as he was still in the bathroom.

She didn’t waste any single minute,she had quickly texted her with a threatening message.

The wife was busy cooking in the kitchen, her phone on top of the table.The phone notification dinged,she quickly covered the food and switched on the phone hoping for a good news and what she saw shocked her

‘Hey please leave my man alone,I know you are his wife but am also his
wife and Soon am coming to my house just wanted to inform you’

The happiness in Belcy’s face finally faded away,she was trembling while she soakef sweat,she looked at the message for some minutes thinking then sent a reply.

‘Excuse me my dear,maybe you are talking to the wrong person,I am married to a loving and caring husband’ she wrote and forwarded the message

‘ Fayez be your husband and he be my husband too,we have a child so don’t brag too much foolish woman,what can you give him that I can’t,you better pack your things very soon and leave ooh,or else leh me no say”

Belcy was now angered,she couldn’t tolerate the disrespect and insults any more,she quickly made a call to her husband.

Fayez was still in the bathroom when the phone rang.He heard the phone rang but he assumed since he was still bathing.

The phone rang thrice and the person couldn’t hesitate to still call even if it seemed obvious that he was busy.The person kept calling and calling non Stop.

Fayez knew that there was a problem,he bathed faster and walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel running,he saw that it was the wife calling,he couldn’t understand what was wrong so he received the call to end his curiosity

Belcy didn’t wait for him to open his mouth and utter a word.

“ So you can’t pick my call because you are enjoying life with your side chick,hmm?” she had asked with a very harsh tone,Fayez had never heard her talking that way before.

“ What side chick baby,I don’t understand you” he pretended.

“ Ooh come on,Stop pretending and playing the innocent victim,I know you have an affair with a girl called Faith and you even have a baby am not stupid” the wife’s words suddenly hit him hard.

“ Surely dear,You know me very well, don’t you trust me?” he said then went silent for a minute and continued, “ am sure the person who told you that has bad intentions and wants to ruin our marriage” he said and waited for a response but the wife remained quiet then ended the call and turned on the airplane mode.

Fayez tried to call back but she wasn’t reachable anymore.

Belcy broke into tears,she slowly closed the kitchen Door and locked herself in then let herself cry and shed tears.

Fayez knew that Faith was behind all this so he had quickly worn his clothes and rushed outside to meet Faith who was in the sitting room seated,her legs crossed like a boss,she stared at Fayez from head to toes.

“ Mtcheew!!” she said popping the chewing gum she was busy chewing then shifted her gaze to the fifty five inch flat screen.

“ What have you done you woman?” he asked with an authoritative tone.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“ Did you text my wife?”

Faith had laughed sarcastically then looked at him straight into his eyes without blinking.

“ I didn’t but I can assure you in a week’s time,if I don’t get my house,I won’t hesitate”

“ Apart from the two of us who else knows about Precious,do you take me for a fool Faith,hmm!!”

“I have already told you in a weeks time or I scatter your marriage, make a wise choice” she had replied then shifted her gaze and continued watching.Fayez stood staring at her furiously then left back to the bedroom angry.

To be continued…
Tony Sáng

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