My Side Chick

Episode 01

So one day as I was scrolling through my Facebook account,I saw the picture of a young beautiful girl possibly on her late teens.The girl was so beautiful,dark skinned and slightly tall.

My name is Fayez and am only thirty one and married to a young and caring wife.We had been married for two years now and were blessed with two years old son.

“ Fayez,please come and eat” my wife Belcy called.

I just ignored her for a while as I admired the beauty this girl in the picture resembled.Many men were busy commenting on her picture and therefore I had liked her picture and commented beautiful.

The girl didn’t waste anytime,she had then replied on my comment Thank you with a love emoji and told me to dm her.It was as if,the girl knew me since she had only replied to my comment.

I was happy and hit her dm faster to listen what she had to say.The girl was still online and I didn’t waste anytime.

“ Honey is everything okay,the food is getting cold” my wife had said.

“ No dear, just a few minutes and I will be there,I have some issues about work”

The girl just went straight to the point and asked if I was married.I then told her that I was married and had one kid then I asked her what she was upto.

The girl read the message and quickly replied to my dm.She said that I was the perfect match for a man that she wanted to spend time with.I was surprised since I had just told her that I was married yet she didn’t hesitate.She asked for my number which I gladly gave it to her.

I had then switched off my phone plugged into the charger and walked down the staircase to have dinner.Belcy came after she saw that I was in the dining table,she served the food as I carried my two year old son in my arms.

The wife had said grace and we ate.My son was busy playing while I was in a hurry to eat and go back to the bedroom to hear what the girl had to say,so I had put the boy down and started swallowing the food faster.

My wife had throw her glance towards me at how I was eating.

“ Is everything okey dear?”

“ Yeah sure,why are you asking?”

“ Why are you eating faster like someone who has never eaten before?”

“ Nothing,anyway I think I have eaten to my fill” I had said as I stood and cleaned my lips using the saviet and started walking away.

“ Babe the food is still half full,are you sure you are okay” she replied as she looked at me her mind full of questions.

I didn’t reply anything,I just hurried up the stairs to the bedroom,closed the door carefully and ran and switched on my phone,turned on the data and opened the Facebook app directly.

My phone was full of missed calls when I switched it on.It had to be her who was calling that is what I had thought.The girl had sent me her pictures,I couldn’t hide my joy.I knew this was my opportunity to strike.

Written by Tony Sáng

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