My Side Chick episode 23

Episode 23

Written by Tony Sáng

Fayez threw himself in the bed,he was in deep thoughts and didn’t know what choice to make now,it was as if things were now falling against him.But what he didn’t know was that the worst was about to befall him.

Back in Mboko,Belcy was busy packing her clothes and putting them into the briefcase,she wasn’t going to allow someone take his wife while she seats watching,she therefore requested for a one week off at work saying that she had an emergency.Her employers had gladly gave her an off at work since they trusted her so much.

She took the bags and placed them into the black SUV booth.It was already getting dark but she had no option,she packed the kids clothes too.They were travelling to Eldoret where the husband was living.

After locking the house,she hit the road,the heavy rain that had began didn’t stop her at all,she had decided to see it for herself if the girl that had texted him was saying the truth.

It was around 12:00 am when the horn of a car had awoken him.She peeped through the window to see who wanted to disturb them this time of the night.

Max the gate keeper had gone to check the person who was in the car before opening the gate this time of the night.He knew madam since she used to travell with Fayez when she was still employed in Eldoret before being transferred to Mboko.

He was shocked to see her with the two children this time.

“ Madam how are you? You travelled very late,is everything okay?”

“ Yeah everything is okay Max, long time how are you?”

“ Well I am fine madam”

“ Bola open the gate,it’s madam” he shouted at the other gateman who opened the gate faster and the car drove into the compound.

Fayez was in trouble and Max knew that,he quickly called and informed Fayez that his wife was in the compound,he had to make sure Faith leaves the compound right away.

He peeped through the window and saw her wife car getting into the compound,his heart started beating, suddenly he was sweating as he saw the wife and his two children walking out of the car.

“ Babe!!babe!! Get up!! get up!!” he shouted at her as he pulled the duvet.

“ What Fayez?”

“ There is fire in the mountain,My wife is here, please get Precious,pack your things and go and tell Max to take you to my other apartment”

“ Did you just say your wife is here now?”

“ Yes now”

“ How? Why?”

“ There is no time for questions,come and see for yourself”

They peeped through the window and saw them walking into the main Door”

Fayez opened his safe box,removed 50K and gave it to Faith

“Pack everything that can show any evidence that there is a lady then carry, Precious and live to my hotel.Tomorrow am taking you to your new house,please babe” he said kneeling before her.

“ Okey,but tomorrow as you say or else am coming back”

Faith started packing her clothes leaving nothing,Fayez went and packed the child’s clothings and ensured there was nothing.He also packed her books and everything in the dark.

He could hear the knocking at his door but chose to ignore until they had packed everything,they tiptoed to the back door and he slowly opened to avoid causing attention.Faith and the child had used the back door and he locked it before he went and opened the door.

Faith timed until she had gotten into the house then tiptoed to the gate and informed Max of what Fayez had said.She didn’t want to use the Mercedes since that would cause suspicions from the wife,after all she had already seen the vehicle.

“Hey Babe what are you doing here this time of the night? You didn’t say your coming” he had said pretending to be yawning.

“ Is that a problem? I am here now”

“ No,it is just that it is very late”

“ Anyway babe whose Mercedes is that packed in the carport?”

“ It is my friend’s dear,he travelled in the village with his family with their other car so he said I should keep it for him until he returns”

“ Which friend of yours owns a Benz babe?” Belcy had asked since she knew most of his friends who lived in town.

“He is a new worker in the hospital” he replied,his heart beating, hoping the wife couldn’t ask more questions about the Benz .

They went and sat at the couch,as Fayez went to prepare coffee for his family.The wife kept staring at the house,it looked neat he couldn’t believe that Fayez was making the house this neat, something was surely fishy she had thought.

To be continued…

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