My Side Chick episode 11

Episode 11

The soft soothing music that was playing had taken Fayez from the chair,he started dancing and welcomed Faith for a dance.Holding her back and her hands,they started dancing to the tune while pulling her closer.

Faith was enjoying every bit of the situation and she had moved herself closer to a point that her body was in touch of Fayez who was holding her.They danced while making eye contact smiling at each other.

“ How do you find this place?”Fayez had tried to whispere into her ears but the loud sound of the speakers which was playing Enrique Iglesias song ‘ Heart attack’ didn’t allow Faith hear anything,she was busy following the line ‘I don’t wanna live in a world without you’ Fayez followed suit.

“ What were you saying? The loud noise could not allow me hear anything?” she asked shouting in Fayez ear,“ I was saying how do you find this place?”

“Its very cool,I hope we be doing this oftenly?”
“ Yeah that is a must” he said as they continued dancing holding their glasses and taking sip by sip as they got drank while enjoying themselves.

They were busy dancing when her phone rang,it was Victor calling.

“ I need to pick this call,its my boyfriend I don’t wanna worry him, let me pick the call am coming back now” she had told Fayez as she excused herself outside.

Fayez went back to their table and started scrolling through his phone,he already knew that Faith had a boyfriend just like he did have a wife so that didn’t bother him,after all who cares maybe their partners were also doing the same out there.

Faith had rushed outside and received the call faster.

“ Hello babe, what is wrong with you seriously?” Victor had asked, “ What do you mean,I don’t understand you at all”

“ Why are you ghosting me”

“ Ghosting you babe seriously? How?When? Where?”

“ How many times have I tried calling you?” she then opened her phone and checked on calls,ten missed calls from Victor.“ Am sorry babe,my phone was in silent mode”
“ Okay and are you are drank?”
“ Why are you asking such a stupid question, me drank are you out of your mind? You know very well I don’t drink”

“ Okay but you talk like one, anyway where are you since I can hear a lot of background noise”

“ You know what am on my way to the house,I will call you when I reach” She quickly ended the call before Victor could say anything,she felt like emptying her bowels and puking from the test of alcohol in her body for the first time.

“ Excuse me sir,where is the women’s washroom?” she asked one muscled bouncer who stood at the door.“Please madam follow this way straight then branch on your left he said pointing on the direction.“ Thank you ” she said as she walked away.

She branched and finally she could see women who were dressed in booty shorts and mini dresses walking out,they looked at her while walking away.

“ Anyway I have made a lot of money today” she saw one of them who was wearing a brown wig telling the other three.

She ignored them and quickly ran to the washroom, opened the door to one of the washroom and let herself puke until she felt okay then flushed the dirt and emptied her bowel,she finally felt okay,flushed the toilet then went and washed her hands as she checked herself on the mirror,she was still okay not like how people usually say about alcohol,she was clean and looked sober yet she had taken a full bottle of mzinga and was still going.

Fayez was seated, waiting,he was beginning to get worried and wanted to go and look for her when he finally saw her enter through the back door.

“ Hey babe,you have been out for so long where were you?”

“ Ooh don’t worry,I went to the washroom to empty myself”

They continued with the drinks,while dancing and Fayez ordered for more and more drinks.

To be Continued…
written by Tony Sáng

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