My Side Chick episode 3

Episode 03

I sat at the round table staring at Faith as she took the pieces of chips one by one.She realized that I was staring at her that she shifted her gaze looked at me and smiled.Her white teeth made her even more beautiful

“ What?” she had asked

“ Nothing,just amazed by your beauty.Girl you are beautiful”

“ Thank you da”

“ So are you still in school or working?”

“ Ooh am in kmtc Eldoret,taking nursing as a course”

“ Aah,so you can nurse me very well” I had replied as we both laughed at the joke.

We both remained quiet for sometime before she had broken the pin drop silence.

“ And what about you Mr Fayez”

“ Am a doctor at mtrh Eldoret,near your School,you see you are blessed”

“ Wow congratulations,no wanda you dey drive big car”

After the food and drink I had taken her to a boutique that was in Mboko some few meters from the hotel.The boutique was fully packed with different fashionable clothings and since I wanted to impress her,I had told her to take whatever clothes she wanted and I was going to pay for it,after all money isn’t my problem.

Faith didn’t hesitate,she chose fashionable dresses and shoes that fitted her very well.I stood at a corner as I checked through trying to see if I could get the size of the shoes that would fit me.She was done, immediately I gave the owner of the shop my ATM card,she processed everything and the payment was done and we left.

Time had now gone and she was in a hurry to go back home.She had left home without informing anybody and her mother had been trying to reach her but she wasn’t reachable.We drove back to Matu center Parked the car on the side of the road for some few minutes as we continued talking.I had pulled her closer to me and immediately we started kissing,before she opened the door as she wanted to leave.

“ Sweetheart wait”

“ Is something wrong” she said as she turned around to look at me.

“ No nothing is wrong,I just wanted to give you this money for your upkeep” I had said as I counted ten thousand from my wallet and gave it to her.

“ Ooh thank you boo,I really love you”
She said as she started to walk away.I stood watching her from a distance as she boarded a motorcycle and disappeared through the dusty road that the motorcycle could not be seen anymore.

“ mmmh,that is you Fayez” I had thought as I bit my lips.

It was around three pm when Faith arrived into their home, carrying a new bag on her back.She had peeped through their gate to see if she could see anyone,she didn’t want her mother to spot her carrying a new bag into the compound.

She peeped but she couldn’t see anyone except her brother’s and cousins who were playing ball outside their small compound with their polythene wrapped ball.She tried peeping through to the kitchen and realized that it had been locked,only blue smoke could be seen emanating from the chimney,the kitchen was only closed when her mother wasn’t around.She slowly opened the gate and tiptoed into the compound.

“ Cheru where were you? Mum has been searching for you the all day” her brother Ken had shouted as soon as he saw her.

“ I had gone to meet someone,is mum around?”

“Come on siz, who doesn’t know that you went to see that engineer boy Victor,I know he is your boyfriend, anyway as for mum she has gone to fetch some firewood”

“ You better shut your mouth Ken,Victor is not my boyfriend and I didn’t go to see him” she said as she walked into the house leaving the boys to continue with their game.

She then went straight to her room and locked the door then she wore the new clothes as she stared at the mirror smiling.

“ Victor is going to love how I will look with this one ooh” she had said after she had worn a white dress with a white heels that Fayez had bought for her.

She was still cross checking her back to see if it fitted well by drawing the shape of her figure when she heard the voice of her mother singing the local church hymns then shouted at the boys asking if Faith was back.

“ Yes mama,she is at the house” one of Faith brother’s had shouted back.Mama Cheru as how many people called her in the village had dropped the firewood and rushed into the house to meet her daughter,she heard the footsteps of her mother, trouble was looming.Her mother is a no nonsense woman,she quickly changed into her home clothes and hid the bag with the new clothes in her metallic box.

Written by Tony Sáng

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