My Side Chick episode 15

Episode 15

Faith read the messages from Victor and laughed,the boy sounded very desperate for love.It was in the morning while she was seated in the sitting room scrolling through her phone and reading the messages.

The fourth day since they opened school and she had not attend any of the lectures and in fact she wasn’t planning to attend since it was the first week.She took the remote from the glass table and started switching stations to try and look for something that would amaze her

Victor called,she had wanted to ignore the call but she decided to receive it.

“ Hello Victor,how are you”
“ Am fine what about you?”
“ Am fine too, what is wrong why were you not picking my calls or texting me back”
“ I have been busy babe with studies and my phone had a problem”

They talked for almost half an hour but obviously Victor was initiating the conversation since Faith wasn’t interested with him anymore,she had wanted to breakup with him but she had no reason of going on with the breakup she decided to listen to what he had to say.He ended the call and finally
she felt relieved.

*One month later*

The situation in Fayez apartment was going on very well.They had lived together as if they were married.Fayez would travel back home on weekends and leave Faith in the house.

Belcy never doubted anything fishy since Fayez had played his cards very well,he knew how to balance the two women together and satisfy and provide for the two.

Faith was busy struggling with classes but she had to attend but also make time for Fayez who had been like his husband.The fellow students were now admiring her since she was always dropped in school with a car while most of the students use to trek.The clothes that she also wore were fashionable and new moreover Fayez had managed to buy her the latest iphone.Her hair was being done every week.

Faith was now the coolest kid in school and would hang out with the cool girls that everyone admired in college.

She however didn’t like going to school and attend classes.Faith loved sleeping and spending time alone amidst the classy lifestyle that Fayez had managed to give it to her which made her be the outstanding in school.

In College She was however detested because of her arrogant and proud nature.Faith was very proud of herself that most of her loyal friends were now staying away from her since she had changed.

Rumors started spreading in the all college that she was sleeping with a married man who was giving her money and who was taking care of her but she didn’t care what people were saying,Faith love Fayez for sure and she didn’t care what people think.

“ Faith you have really changed,I hope the rumors is not true, don’t ruin your life with a married man dear” one of her friends had whispered as they walked out of the class one day.“ Debra please my issues is not your issues,I love that man and I don’t care what people say.He takes care of me,look at you and look at me then think twice who is wise between the two of us,I am classy and you are just an old fashioned girl” she had said as she left Debra standing,her legs couldn’t move an inch,she just stared at Faith as she disappeared.

“waah!! That one really hurts” Debra said as she changed direction and walked back into the lecture room.

Faith rushed to the road,took an Uber and left to Fayez apartment since she didn’t have any more lecture that day.

To be continued…
Tony Sáng

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