My Side Chick episode 17

Episode 17

The test was done and the two waited outside for the results.
Faith looked very sad but Fayez was comforting her that it was all going to be okay.The doctor came out of the lab and walked to where they were seated.

Fayez had greeted his fellow at work before the fair man decided to break the news.Faith was indeed pregnant as they both had anticipated, immediately Faith had buried her face to the ground,she felt ashamed but Fayez who was seated besides held and hugged her then moved her into the car.

That day the doctor had requested an off day at work,the management of the hospital had gladly gave him an off at work.

They sat facing each other inside the car all of them in a moment of silence before Fayez had broken the pin drop silence in the car.

“ So what is our next move baby?” Fayez asked.

“ Actually I am confused,I think I want a baby and on the other hand,I am afraid of the outcome”

“ If you don’t feel okay with the pregnancy,we can do the abortion while it is still early”

“ No I am okay with it but If you can take care of me and your baby”

“ Yeah,I would love you to put to bed a bouncy baby girl ” he said as he gave her a kiss on the forehead and drove off to where they lived.

Fayez helped her out of the car since she felt heavy and they walked into the house.He then decided to make her some eggs.Faith had wanted to stop him from preparing her anything but he didn’t give in so he had let him do what he wanted and went and lay on the two seater watching before Victor called again.

“ Hello babe how are you?” the boy had said as soon as she had received the call.

“ I am fine” she replied.

“ Is the rumors through?”

“ What rumors?”

“ You have another person in your life?”

“ Now you don’t trust me,I think we should breakup.You are always insecure Victor”

“ But I was just asking,Is there any offence?” Victor asked waiting for a reply but Faith had ended the call then blocked and deleted his number.He tried to call thrice but she wasn’t reachable.He could feel the pain that struck him as he stood outside their compound.

Victor had undergone much disrespect,false accusations,harsh words and therefore he was waiting for a break up sooner but not that soon,he just stared at their beautiful compound while in deep thoughts,he promised himself that he wasn’t going to cry for a woman again in his life.

“ Victor you are okay,it was for the best” he whispered to himself before walking into his bedroom.

He had lay into the six by six bed trying to comfort himself but his heart was hurting so much,he couldn’t stop himself from remembering the past memories of him and Faith,his fate had been decided.Faith wasn’t the woman for his life but the pain of losing her strike hard.

Faith never told anyone that she was pregnant.She was afraid to tell his boyfriend who was now his ex,she couldn’t tell his parents either,her father would literally kick her out of his house.The man is very serious and wouldn’t allow any man to misuse his daughter and throw her back to his home.So she had to stay until she could give birth.

The first few months that she never bothered to call home or visit them at home was worrying.

Faith never bothered to call or disturb her parents at all when it came to issues of money,she also wasn’t ready to go home so that the truth could be known.Fayez had to employ a maid who could do the chores and help her wheb she needed help and even during the weekends when he wasn’t around.

Months passed until one evening while she was lying on the couch when her belly started to pain her,her water had broken loose,it was in the evening at around nine and labour pains had strike her hard.She felt very heavy that she couldn’t move an inch without the help of anyone,she yelled and Fayez had ran out and walked down the stairs only to find her lying hopeless on the carpet.

“ My belly! my belly!” she continued shouting.

Fayez with the help of the maid had helped her to the Hilux and he quickly drove to the hospital.

To be continued…
Tony Sáng

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