My Side Chick episode 13

Episode 13

Fayez laid her on the bed and within a minute they were busy cuddling.He tried to locate protection in his wallet but Faith had told him there was no need for any of that.

“ Let’s go raw”,she said as she pulled him into her and before long they were busy changing the positions and making serious love like partners.

The sweet event had lasted for almost an hour before the two laid hopeless feeling very tired.Fayez quickly grabbed his towel and rushed to the bathroom,Faith followed him and they had a bath together kissing each other for almost an hour.

Later they had supper together,Fayez felt relaxed,he couldn’t imagine this was the enjoyment he was always missing when he was far from home.After the supper they both sat at the sitting room watching Netflix together.Fayez was holding him in the arms as they stared at the fifty inch tv airing the movie that had most of the intimacy parts.

The sound of the moaning in the movie had triggered their bodies to react and within some few minutes they were holding each other tightly and they started kissing again.Fayez phone rang,he checked and realized it was his wife so he had put the phone on a silent mode so that he could continue with their busy act.The wife called thrice and after seeing there was no response,she left the phone and went to sleep hoping that Fayez would call before midnight.

He pulled Faith closer and spread her legs and they started enjoying themselves again on the couch.The feeling was good especially for Faith since she could feel Fayez unlike her shy boyfriend who didn’t know how to seduce her for s€x which she always wanted and that was what had brought her to this new relationship which was pulling her away from Victor.

After the two and a half movie was over they went and slept, they were so tired so they didn’t bother to make love anymore but they slept on the same bed.Fayez was holding Faith while kissing her on the forehead until sleep took him away.

The sound of the alarm had made Fayez jump out of the bed,he had slept past the time he always wakes up.Faith was already up and was making breakfast.He quickly undressed himself took a towel and hurried to the bathroom for a bath.

He then took the breakfast faster and ran out carrying his bag that had his work equipment,time wasn’t on his side at all and he would obviously have to explain why he was late for work.He was driving faster and carelessly as he buttoned the collar of his shirt and stiffened the tie while his right hands was on the steering

“ Ooh Faith, wetin be this you make me sleep until I almost forgot to get to work” he had shouted as he drove and overtaked through the highway,then branched at a shortcut to escape traffic in town.

He was lucky that he had arrived thirty minutes late,which was way better than the traffic which would have made him arrive one hour and a half later.The management of the hospital had immediately summoned him.

He slowly walked to the room where the board was having a meeting,his heart was beating like a drum and his stomach was grumbling.He was nervous as he approached.The door had been closed and only sounds of the people in the meeting could be heard.He slowly knocked the door but there was no answer so he decided to welcome himself in.

“ Ooh doctor Fayez welcome in,can you please have a seat” the man whose hair had turned to silver and was wearing glasses had told him.

Fayez slowly pulled the chair to avoid disturbing the meeting of around twenty board members.His heart beat was increasing at a faster rate as he stared at over thirty eyes that was looking at him without any hesitation as if he had just landed from the moon.

The man cleared his throat and then started pouring out knowledge and encouragement then lowered his glasses and shifted his gaze towards Fayez.

“ So Fayez we need you to give us a valid explanation for being late,you do know that you had an operation by eight but what is the time?”

“ Am sorry sir,I was caught in the traffic since I over slept but I won’t repeat the mistake”

“ No problem,I hope you won’t repeat the same mistake,a patient life is at stake just pick your tools and rush to the operation room, Doctor Junior is currently continuing with the operation”

“ Thank you sir” he said as he closed the door closely and left the board to continue with the discussions and ran to the operation room to help Junior with the operation.

To be continued..
Tony Sáng

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