My Side Chick episode 25

Episode 25

Written by Tony Sáng

Faith told the child to go inside the house and into the room.

She remained out to face Belcy face to face.Belcy couldn’t control her anger anymore.

So you are my husband’s number two,young girl like you sleeping with an old man old enough to be your father,Are you okay upstairs,hmm,she had shouted at Faith.

Do I look mad to you, woman so you have the guts to ask me if I am okay upstairs to you.

Stupid,dare talk to me rudely you will see the real me.

Faith laughed sarcastically, clapping her hands as she shook her body.

What are you going to do silly woman,look at me and look at yourself, obviously you can’t fight me,I don’t have time for old women you hear me? Where is my sugar daddy,I need to see him.

Your sugar what?

Sugar daddy,ooh so you are jealous now.Babe ba..

She had interrupted, Don’t dare call my husband babe at my own house.

Fayez had heard the quarrels between the women,he ran downstairs to try and calm the two down.She held her wife as she tried to stop the two from fighting.

Babe please don’t fight,it won’t solve anything,let us go and settle down as adults.Belcy gave him a hot slap but she couldn’t let her from her arms.

Hey,I need the keys to my Mercedes and the keys to my mansion,I don’t have time to waste here with this silly wife of yours,I need to go and relax.

Belcy was now very angry and she couldn’t control herself,she used her angered energy and pushed the husband away then she gave Faith a hot slap on the right cheek and another one followed on the left cheek.Faith wasn’t left behind either,she returned one hot slap too and within some few minutes they had launched the fight.

The watchmen ran to see everything,the screams had awoken the children and the neighbors came running to the compound to watch the drama.They however didn’t stop,they continued fighting until they were tired.

Fayez tried to hold Belcy who was raining punches on Faith.Faith had been beaten that she couldn’t stand her all body was aching,Belcy was still strong but she had received some good beatings too.

And you don’t dare touch me again,she had turned and told the husband before slapping him again.Fayez was the one with the problem,so she didn’t block her.

You told me that Benz is your friends but you bought, your side chick Mercedes while you don’t have one,silly man.The husband looked down with shame,the neighbors that had filled the compound kept staring at him.

Belcy searched her handbag and removed Faith’s phone,then forced her to unlock the phone or else she gives her another punch,she was too weak and couldn’t resist she just unlocked the phone.

She searched through the phone book and found contact saved Dad.She theb clicked and made the call, she was still very angry and couldn’t control herself.Mr Cheruiyot received the call.

What kind of a man are you? She had confronted the man.

Hey come down,who are you and what are you talking about.

So you can allow your child to steal someone’s husband and even give him a child and you are seated without warning her.

What are you talking about Lady I don’t understand you?

Your daughter has been sleeping with my husband and she has a daughter with him.
She then ended the call.Mr Cheruiyot could see that the phone number that had been used to call him was her daughter’s, there was no way the woman was lying.

The husband tried to beg the wife for forgiveness but it was all in vain,he had even knelt before her shedding tears but the pain and embarrassment that she had,she didn’t have to think twice.She went into the room, carried her suitcase and those of her children and pulled them into the car.

Am sending you divorce papers, me and you are done,you can live with her.I don’t want anything to do with you.I can raise my children alone, goodbye, she said as she drove out of the compound.

She wanted to cry but she couldn’t since she needed to be strong for her children

Mama is Papa coming? the older child had asked. Yeah he will,just a small misunderstanding dear,she said as she wiped her tears.

Fayez was torn between two,he didn’t know what to do anymore. She stared at Faith who was struggling to stand due to the injuries she had nursed.She quickly ran to the bedroom took the car keys,carried the child and disappeared as the people stared at the drama.

The father tried calling but she couldn’t receive the call.She travelled far away , changed her phone number and started struggling as a single mother,she was ashamed to ever come back,she was afraid to even step in school since the news had spread and she couldn’t even travel home,her father would literally kill her.She had to sell the Benz so as to raise her daughter and her own needs and life became more miserable for her as she struggled every day.She disappeared never to be seen.

Fayez and Belcy divorced,they shared their wealth and parted ways.He remained single with regrets,he was the laughing stock even at his work place as for the wife she raised the two children herself.

Thank you for reading,May God bless you.

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  1. Seriously feyez didn’t plan it well and also faith demanding is much. And she never get patience at all

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