My Side Chick episode 18

Episode 18

The nurses quickly ran to help Fayez.They laid Faith on the movable bed and quickly rushed to the maternity ward.Faith was crying,the pain in her belly was too much.Fayez had followed them into the ward,he was very worried.

After some few minutes of pushing,Faith gave birth to a bouncy baby girl.There was no complications.Immediately the pain she had fade away.

The baby was cleaned and wrapped in a blue shawl that Fayez had carried to the hospital with other clothes.The two were in a very happy mood.

Fayez held the baby in his arms,he couldn’t hide the joy that he had.He had always wanted a baby girl and that is what Faith gave him.They had stayed in the hospital for around three hours then they were released after they paid the bill.

It was around one am when they drove into the apartment.Faith held the baby in her arms while Fayez helped her into the house.

Faith parents were very worried about her since she had not travelled back home even a single day for the last ten months, something was surely fishy but after a call Faith assured them that everything was okay that a project that she was doing made her very busy but would be visiting in a months time,the parents didn’t know she was now a mother.

After a week,Faith resumed to her studies while the maid took care of the baby girl.She had a mandate to graduate and she knew it.

In school rumors that coolvalstories people were saying about her, didn’t break her down at all.She was always at her best,no one could believe that she was pregnant some few days ago and that she had put to bed a baby.She didn’t allow anyone to put her down,she still wore fashionable clothes and walked with the campus slayqueens.

A month later on a certain Tuesday she was busy preparing herself,she was going to meet the parents in the village and return the next day since she had a baby to take care of.

She arrived home after so long.The mother made her delicacies and they ate together as a family.She told them about her education and the grades that she had managed to get but she didn’t dare to tell them that she had a baby.

Her neighborhood friends were very happy to see her after almost an year of being very far away from the village.They admired how she was dressed,she looked beautiful than how she used to look.They admired her phone and they admired her fashion,she had really changed to a town girl from a poor village girl.

Faith left the following day very early,they wanted her stay for a bit longer but she had lied that she had exam the following day and that she was supposed to prepare this evening so she had to leave.The parents gave her their blessings and some cash as pocket money.

Faith traveled back.Fayez was around when she got into the house.He was holding the baby,Faith had quickly ran to embrace her daughter,her one day visit back to the village had seemed like eternity.She was happy on seeing her and the fact that Fayez was showing Precious the baby girl the love a father should give.

Time flew and months had changed to years and Precious grew in the hands of the father and the mother.She could now walk around and had learnt how to speak.All this time Fayez managed to fool the wife,so did Faith fool the parents.They were all in dark,no one knew what was going on at all.The wife never knew Fayez had another family and the parents never knew Faith had a child.

To be continued…
Tony Sáng

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