My Side Chick episode 5

Episode 05

The sound of my phone alarm had awoken me.It was around seven when I woke up.Belcy had woken up very early to prepare everything since it was on a Sunday and we were supposed to be going to church by nine.I quickly walked to the bathroom and took a bath then went downstairs to have breakfast.

Belcy was busy mopping the house when I got downstairs,I gave her a kiss and walked to the dining table.The table was packed with tea,bread,eggs and apple.I had the food as I went through my phone.

She was done with the mopping went up and took a bath,dressed well then walked out.I was ready,so I had carried my son to the car as she remained behind for some minutes cross checking herself in the mirror,then she locked the door and ran to the car,after some small discussion with Hakim,I had walked to the car, started the engine and we left.

Some few kilometers from Mboko town we could hear the loud public address systems which signalled that the church service had already started,we drove to Mboko ACK church and walked in.Some people were still getting in.The sounds of the sweet voices from the choir could be heard.

The big church was almost full when we entered.The wooden benches were already full.We took the plastic chairs that had been arranged behind and went to sit where there was still space.Belcy was busy enjoying the songs by the youth choir.The church is very big that I could not see in front clearly so I just watched through the big screen that was in the wall.

I was busy staring when some people had carried the plastic chairs and moved towards where we were.I had shifted my gaze and to my amazement I saw Faith grabbed a chair and moved to where I was seated with my family.The moment I just saw her,I felt nervous and bothered.

She just sat besides my wife,greeted her and we greeted as if we didn’t know each other and everyone remained silent as we focused on the activities that was going in the church.I was bothered that I couldn’t concentrate during the remaining part of the service,I was busy throwing a glance to make sure she wasn’t speaking to my wife and maybe cause trouble.Luckily she had said nothing until the service was over.

The preacher that day Rev John who was aged and his black hair had turned to silver had preached about loving one another,he had taken the preaching to married couples who were being dishonest and cheat on one another and finally divorce yet they were supposed to stay together until death as they proclaimed,the deeper he went so did I feel he was attacking me directly but I kept calm like I was innocent.

After the church service as people were busy walking out,Faith had stopped me.Belcy and Bob were already in the car and they were waiting for me so that we could leave.The way Faith was looking at me,I just felt like kissing her that moment but since we were in church full of people we just talked then I had left her in and got into my car and we drove off.

Victor was also around.He was busy looking for Faith outside when Faith saw him and went out to meet.They talked and they left the church grounds as they treked talking and laughing together.Victor admired Faith how she was dressed that day.

“ Babe you look beautiful with that dress” she had told her as they walked and branched to a short cut that led to Matu.

“ Thank you dear”

The boy had hold Faith on her shoulders as they both smiled at each other.The two were just better together and even people knew that.They had branched into the engineer’s compound,nobody was around since they were still in the church.He served her with a glass of juice.Victor had then escorted her outside before the parents were back.He had stopped a bodaboda man and she had boarded the motorcycle and Victor paid,he stood watching her leave until the motorcycle wasn’t visible anymore.

Written by Tony Sáng

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