My Side Chick episode 21

Episode 21

The tall dark man pulled Faith and pushed her to the bed then removed her clothes.Faith was drank that she wasn’t thinking straight anymore,she wanted the man so much that she didn’t care.

The man unzipped his trousers and went into Faith,she felt so good as he fvcked her.The man kissed her while he slid it slowly.

Fayez was busy preparing food,he didn’t know what Faith was doing out there with another man,he trusted her that she was with the friends.Fayez never wanted the friends to know him so he always told Faith not to bring them into their house,they could just spend time together outside but his identity should remain a secret since he was a married man.

After about thirty minutes of spending time with the man,he went into his pocket removed some money and gave it to her.It was about ten thousand and she was very happy.

The other girls were busy dancing when she got out of the lodgin after having a warm bath.She quickly paid for the drinks and they left,she dropped each one of them at the place where they resided and drove to where she resided.

It was around eight in the evening when she got into the compound,Fayez was busy following through a series when he heard the sound of the engine roaring.He got out to embrace Faith.

He was shocked on seeing how she looked wasted,she wasn’t Walking straight due to the alcohol effect and on her two hands she carried two shopping bags that had some bottles of beer.

Fayez watched how she struggled to walk into the house, before she decided to help her as they walked in.He was very frustrated by her behavior that night.

After they were seated,he didn’t wait any single minute before he started quarelling,he couldn’t believe that this was her, dressed in a short dress that everything could be seen and she was drank.

“ Hey! Hey!” he had shouted at her before she shifted her gaze and looked at the angry man.

“ What Fayez?”

“ Did you just call me by my name woman?”

“ Yeah are you not Fayez?” she said blinking her eyes struggling to see him due to her state.

Fayez didn’t hesitate at all,she got up from the couch and gave him one hot slap on the cheek.She just laughed then faced him again.

“ You dare touch me again,in fact try to touch even my hair you will see”

“ What are you going to do?hmm” he said as he looked straight at her eyes without blinking, “ So I gave you money and you went to drink,are you normal.We have a child to raise and you are busy wasting money?”

“ Did you just say we? Look at this silly man,it is your duty to take care of me and the daughter,in fact I should be leaving like your wife who lives in a mansion while we live in this sh*thole,Buy me a house by the end of this month or else am moving in your wife’s house to throw her away and I want a mansion with at least three bedrooms, beautiful compound and a swimming pool and I don’t care,the evidence is there Precious is your daughter! I can easily sue you in court” she said and walked away to the bedroom and left the drinks on the table.

Fayez stood lost of words,A mansion? with a pool? Even his wife and children were not having such an environment where was he going to collect the money to get such a house yet he still owed the wife and the friends.

That night they didn’t make love at all,she slept facing the wall while Fayez slept facing the other side until morning.He was busy thinking of What to do,He had no option so he was going to risk,he wasn’t going to buy the house let the worst happen he thought and went to sleep.

To be continued…
Tony Sáng

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