My Side Chick episode 19

Episode 19

After staying for a while now with the baby as the father and the mother,Faith had developed the feeling that Fayez wasn’t giving her the rights that she deserved.She started arguing that she wanted more money which Fayez gladly gave it to her.

At home the situation with Belcy had grown worse too as she had put to bed.Fayez had to dig into his pocket and provide for the two families.

The wife was employed so she earned some money that could sustain her and Fayez used this to his advantage,he started supporting Faith more than his wife.Faith wanted a sweet life and that is what Fayez gave him.

“ Babe,other people are having cars, please buy me one” she had told him one day.

Fayez didn’t know what to do anymore,he was literally broke.

“ I will see but you see,I am having financial problems now because of my wife.You understand she has a baby”

“ Am I not yours, please stop that thing,is she special than me?”

“ No but babe,she is my wife”

“ You better buy a Mercedes Benz in a weeks time or I am going to your house to tell your wife everything” she had replied with a serious look.

“ But babe..”

“ Aaah! Aah! No buts,you are the one who made me pregnant.I bore a child for you and you must do what I want”

Fayez was confused,he didn’t have any option now.It was either the truth comes out and ruins his marriage or he buys the car for Faith and the secret could stay.He reasoned for a while before he rushed to the room took his phone and called his friends.

Fayez called nearly five of his friends so that they could loan him around two million but no one could raise that amount of money.He had only managed to get three hundred thousand from the friends.

The following day which was on a Saturday,he had left very early to travel home,like he always did.He was going to ask his wife for the money.

He got home at around eleven in the morning,hugged his wife and the first thing that he asked was money.He didn’t even ask about the children.Belcy looked at him for long before she broke the silence.

“ Babe are you okay?” she had asked

“ Yeah am okay,why you asking that question,I just have an issue that is why I am borrowing you two million,even it is a million”

“ Can’t you even ask about your child first?”

“ Ooh I hope they are fine,it is just that the money is urgent or else am dead”

“ What!! Are you involved in something dangerous babe?”

“ No,it is about a loan that I had taken from a friend long time ago,he says he will send men to me if I don’t pay him by next week”

“ Two million?? Anyway I can raise one point five,the rest I hope you can hustle”

“ Thank you baby” he said as they walked into the house.

The wife rushed to the kitchen and brought him tea and some slices of bread.He was very angry but the anxiety in him made him shake,the appetite in him wasn’t there anymore,he felt that he had eaten to his fill yet he had eaten nothing since yesternight.

As he was seated in the couch he received a notification and on checking the phone,it was the bank’s message.He had received 1.5 million in his account.The wife had transferred it to him

He was very happy and after having the tea,he left everything in the dining table took his Hilux and drove to meet his car dealer.The wife had peeped through the window and she had seen the car leaving the compound at a break neck speed.Fayez didn’t even have time to relax at home.

He quickly called the dealer who gave him the directions to where he was and within some few minutes,he was there.

They discussed and he finally told the man to order for him a black Mercedes that costed 2.5 million after he added with the money that he had in his bank account.The car that was supposed to be imported was to arrive in three days time,if the payment was made.He quickly paid and signed an agreement.

To be continued…
Tony Sáng

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