My Side Chick episode 10

Episode 10

At around five pm Fayez was done with work and hurried to his car then drove to his apartment to refreshen himself before he could go and meet Faith.He changed and wore a navy blue khaki trousers and a sky blue shirt with a black leather jacket and drove out of the compound.

Just then his phone rang.It was Faith who was calling,she must have waited for long he thought since he had already informed her that he was done with work and they should meet at Sarova hotel.

“ Hello babe where are you?” Faith had asked.“ I am on my way,where are you?”

“ I am seated at the hotel,I have been here for almost twenty minutes,please hurry up”

“ Okey,am on my way”

Faith had ordered a bottle of Fanta,as she sipped slowly while going through her phone.Five minutes later Fayez arrived,the sound made by the engine of the black Isuzu Hilux could be heard and most people had shifted their gaze to see who was here.

Faith saw Fayez walking out of the car,her stomach started groaning and she could feel butterflies in her stomach as he walked to where she was seated.She felt nervous meeting Fayez again.

The man hugged her and then helped himself to the seat of the round table.The people who were in the hotel kept staring at him and Faith but they ignored.He smiled at her and then broke the pin drop silence between them.

“ You look beautiful today, that dress fits you very well”

“ Thank you,so what’s up” she said smiling back at him.

“ Well,let us have much time and fun together since we are free from our families” he then kept silence for a moment, looking back and called the waiter.

The lady who was dressed in a black material trouser,white shirt and a black bowtie had walked towards them.She was beautiful with her blow dried hair.

“ Yes sir! How may I help you”

“ Bring two plates of jollof rice,fried chicken and a bottle of champagne”

The waiter had left the two talking.Fayez held Faith’s hands as he smiled at her beautiful face.

“ Dear you are the most beautiful girl,I have ever met”

“ Thank you” she replied back blushing.

“ You are blushing” he said as he forced himself to laugh.

The waiter had come back some few minutes after holding a metallic tray that had the food and two glasses,the bottle of champagne was in her hands.They both enjoyed the food talking then Fayez went to pay the bill at the counter and they drove off.

“ Babe,do you do clubbing?” Fayez had asked Faith as they drove in the Hilux.

“ No why have you asked?”

“ I was hoping I could take you to one of the clubs here in town so that we could have a drink”

“ I don’t drink but I can give it a try” she said as they branched and got into West drinking parlor.

Faith was amazed by the disco lights and the dj who was playing songs in the bar.Women who were dressed for clubbing were dancing,the situation in the club was just amazing for her.Fayez ordered for two bottle of whiskey and they started drinking.

To be Continued..
Written by Tony Sáng

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