My Side Chick episode 16

Episode 16

One month and a week later and she had not experienced her periods.She was seated at the couch on a certain Thursday evening her hands on the chin as she was in deep thoughts.The first thing that came into her mind was that she was pregnant but she didn’t want to rush things since she wasn’t sure.

She was still seated in the sitting room when Fayez got into the house.Faith was in deep thoughts that she didn’t realize the moment that he got into the house.Fayez was very happy,he walked towards and gave her a kiss that she came into herself.

“ Baby Is everything okay ?” he said as he looked at her eyes feeling very worried.

Faith leaned on the sofa,her hands on the chest.Her facial expression showed that she wasn’t in any good mood at all.She was quiet for some minutes that Fayez decided to break the silence again.He tapped her for some time before she came into herself again and looked at him.

“Babe please talk to me,are you really alright?”

“Babe please promise that you will never leave me?” she replied. “ I promise that I will never leave you in whatever situation,I love you Faith,now what is wrong?”

“ Sweetheart do you really love me?”

“ Yeah I do,What is really wrong? You are making me anxious”

She kept quiet for a moment.Fayez felt his heart was going to stop any minute.He was thinking of the worst.His head was full of series of unanswered questions that only Faith could provide the answers.
‘Is faith positive? Is she pregnant? Is she breaking up with me after all I have done for her?’ those are the questions that rented through his head.He was so anxious,his heart was beating like a drum that the sound of the beating could be heard,he was also shivering as though he felt cold,his stomach was also grumpling.

After a minute which seemed eternity,Faith broke the silence.

“ I think I am pregnant Fayez” she said as she looked down,she felt ashamed but Fayez moved closer, hugged and kissed her. “So why are you sad,it is a good thing,you had really kept me worried as though someone was dead”

“ Really babe?” she asked.“ Yeah, don’t you trust me I love you,have you proven the pregnancy?”

“ No but I haven’t experienced my periods and it has been a week past my period days”

Fayez hugged her for a while as he stared at the wall.He was busy thinking of what he was going to do next if really Faith was pregnant.He then left into his bedroom and rushed to the bathroom to have a bath.

That night as they were seated at the dining,they couldn’t look at each other at all.Faith was ashamed to say anything or look into Fayez eyes for the first time,Fayez too wanted to say something but no words came out of the mouth.They slept without making love that night.

In the morning as she was busy preparing pancakes the grumpling in her stomach made her feel very uncomfortable,she ran outside the moment she felt to vomit and she had vomited in the black dustbin that was outside the house near the fence.

Fayez saw her as she was vomiting and ran to give her help,Faith looked very sick and emaciated.He hold and helped her back into the house.

“ You aren’t well at all,I am taking you to the hospital so we can run the test and help reduce the symptoms like nausea”

After breakfast,they both prepared themselves and Fayez had drove to the hospital that he walked .All this time Faith was worried that she was pregnant but she still had little hope that she wasn’t pregnant.She thought of her parents,How are they going to receive the news? What about Victor? and worst of all her friends in school.Things was about to fall and ashame her.

To be continued…
Tony Sáng

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