My Side Chick episode 2

Episode 02

We continued chatting until Belcy came to bed.I just stared at her as she changed to the night gown and came to bed.I felt guilty as we made love but sometimes we must make risks.

Everyone went to sleep that night.At around 2:00 am my phone notification dinged,I wasn’t asleep since I kept thinking about Faith.Although the girl was much younger,her beauty was out of this world and the way she was driving me crazy,I couldn’t sleep I kept thinking about the day we would meet.

I had switched on my phone since I didn’t feel sleepy at all.The girl had tried calling but I had told her that my wife was around and I couldn’t pick the call at night.We continued chatting upto around three when sleep finally took me away.I switched off my phone and placed it on the table that was next to where I slept then covered myself and went to sleep.

Belcy was up by seven and went to prepare breakfast.She was as happy as usual and since it was a weekend,she wasn’t going to work and neither was I.She prepared some pancakes and tea.I was still sleeping.

I woke up some few minutes to nine in the morning as it was my weekend routine,went to wash my face at the washroom then I had switched on my phone before going downstairs to take breakfast.I needed to send a good morning message to the girl before I could start my day,as for the matter of fact she was all I could think about.

My wife was at the dining table and was busy feeding our kid.I had lifted Bob in my arms and swirl him round then had taken the pancake in the plate and fed him,he smiled as he played with my shirt.

After having breakfast,I had taken a bath changed to a black jeans,white t-shirt and a cap.

“ Honey you look more handsome today” my wife had said.

“ Mmmh,thank you”

“ So where are you going?”

“ I need to see a friend of mine, we have some business to settle”

“ Ok be safe dear,I love you”

“ I love you too baby boo and give a kiss to Bob when he comes back from playing” the wife just laughed and walked to the kitchen to do some cleaning.

I had taken the black Tundra and started the engine then left.Actually I had lied about meeting my friend.I was going to meet Faith and probably get to know her better before we could start a relationship.

I took the Mukuru-Mboko highway to avoid the traffic jam in Mboko town,then branched at a murram road some few kilometers.The road that leads to Matu for those who have been there.

Faith was leaving with her parents in Matu village but she had promised to meet me in Matu center just two and a half kilometer away from the village.Since it was the first time for us to meet,I had parked the car outside Kips hardware as it was the tallest building in the center and she could easily spot me.

I stood waiting for almost ten minutes when I saw a young and very beautiful girl walking towards me.She had worn a white long heels and a blue mini dress that exposed her curvaceous figure very well,just the way that I liked.That is my test.

“ Hello Fayez” she had said as we hugged each other tightly like we knew each other.

The people at the center who were busy with their activities had stood to watch us.The way the men were looking at me proved that they had a real problem with me, maybe they had tried their luck to no avail.Anyway that is a story of another day.

Faith had gotten into the big machine after I had opened the door for her and we left.She wanted to learn how to drive since she had never driven before so I had let her seat on my thighs as I guided her.Immediately my body started reacting and I had found myself kissing her on the neck.What happened after we had parked the car,God only knows since we were the only ones in the car and the windows were tainted black, anyone from outside couldn’t see anything,maybe for the moaning.

We drove to Sarova hotel, which is the biggest hotel in Mboko town and I had blessed Faith with expensive food.I needed to make her happy so that she could be mine.For Long since I got married,I felt happier again not that I was never happy but the life of starting a relationship had made me remember how we had first met with Belcy.

We had met during the University Competition games.She was in U Of Nairobi while I was studying in JKUAT.She was just beautiful like Faith here.The way we had met was just like fate had put us together.We had just bumped into one another as I opened the door to one of the University rooms in UON and she was getting out,that is how we first met,we greeted and talked for a few minutes then exchanged numbers and what followed was dates and finally marriage and it was the best feeling just as today which was like rewinding the memory.

written by Tony Sáng

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