My Side Chick episode 20

Episode 20

The car was delivered in three days and Fayez had personally transported it to her.It was in a Monday evening when the two vehicles drove into the compound,a brand new Mercedes led the way and his Hilux followed,Faith peeped through the window and saw the cars, she was very happy.

She had quickly ran outside to meet Fayez and inspect the car by herself.She couldn’t believe her eyes at all.In front of her was a brand new Mercedes that was for her,she ran and hugged Fayez,who gladly embraced and swirled her round the air.

Precious followed behind as she struggled to run,Fayez took her into his arms and they got into the car.His car dealer who was driving the other car bade him Goodbye then took a motorcycle and drove away.

Faith was happy and wanted to have a ride.She started the engine and the two together with their daughter left the compound, everyone in the area were glued at the brand new Mercedes,each one of them kept admiring the design of the Mercedes.

The seats of the vehicle were comfortable,the air conditioner the design of it looked amazing,Fayez and Faith admired as she drove,she had been a good driver since Fayez had thought her and enrolled her to driving school,where she got her driving license.

The following day she drove into college with the new Mercedes, the students with the Lecturers stared at the car as it was parked in the school parking lot,no one owned such a car even the VC.

She got out of the car,she had been dressed like a queen,the eyes stared at her couldn’t stop looking at her,she cat walked to expose the shape of her curvaceous butt very well.Some of her slayqueen friends were now around her as she walked into the lecture hall.

“ Hey Faith,So your sugar daddy be this rich wow!! I never expected you to show up with a Mercedes” one of her friends who was walking besides her had asked.

“ Steph,I thought your own is rich nah, isn’t he a senior politician?”

“ Yes she is”

“ Tell him to get you one of the luxurious cars,he too is rich now.Anyway girls how about we go and have a drink this evening,my one and only will pay for it” she said as she put a smile on her face waiting for the positive response from the friends.

“Wow babe,we are leaving with you after classes”

After the classes which she wasn’t paying any attention,the friends had followed her as if she were their queen,they got into the Mercedes Benz.The four girls had fitted themselves into the fashionable vehicle and they drove to the most expensive drinking parlor.The club was full of people who were ready for club.Before they got into the bar,she made a call to Fayez.

“ Hey baby,I wanted to inform you that I Will be home late due to some issues with my friends, please send me twenty five thousand now and prepare supper”

Fayez checked into his account,he still had 250 k.He quickly transferred 30k into her account,he then started the preparation for the supper.

“ Babes,he just sent 30k let us enjoy ourselves”

“ Yeah let us parry!!” the girls shouted and walked into the club.The men who were out admired them as they got into the bar.The short dresses that they wore made them attractive,rich men started approaching them.Faith ordered for four bottles of whiskeys and some bottles of red wine and they started taking the drink.

Men came and some promised to pay for their bottles and who could refuse such an offer,they agreed and within some few minutes they were busy dancing with the men,Faith wasn’t left behind either.Within some few minutes they were dancing romantically and he had taken her to a lodgin that was in the bar.

To be continued…
Tony Sáng

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