My Nysc Camp Experience episode 19

THE CAMP. Episode 19.

What could have happened to Yetunde? Why is she warning me against Ben? Alot of questions ruminate in my minds and almost stole my sleep.

I was sad because I couldn’t figure out anything.

I slept on that thought and the following morning at the parade ground, during the morning drill, I looked for Ben and stood beside him, I needed to know what went wrong that night and I needed to know why Yetunde was warning me against him.

“Hey man, you good?” He said and I nodded.

He noticed my expression and asked further.

“You don’t look good, are you okay? Have you seen your babe?” He asked and I looked at him confusingly.

“My babe? Who?” I quizzed.

“I mean Britney, have you seen her this morning?” He asked then that got me wondering how he knew about I and Britney. Is Britney feeding him back?

The kiss happened last night, how come he knew something had started between us this morning. I didn’t say anything on that.

“I want to ask you a question Ben, how did you know Yetunde was sent off the camp because of sex scandal?” I asked.

“What kind of question is that now, you were there when I sent my guy to help me check na and he confirmed it, see that girl is a wayward girl” he said as he pushes up his pressups.

“I am just asking how did you know she was sent off because of sex ” i asked and he stood up.

“Ade, If that wasn’t the reason, wouldn’t she be here by now?” He said and walked away. Few minutes later, Britney showed up and came to kiss me on my cheek.

“Hey babe, I’ve been looking for you, did you sleep well?” She asked.

“Yes I did, what about you?”

“Ofcourse I did, thanks to the heartfelt kiss from you, I slept off feeling happy, at last Ade is mine” she said excitingly as she curled herself around me.

“Did you tell Ben about us?” I asked.

“No I didn’t but he knows”


“Because he was the one that told me you were in the tent and I should come and gear you up because you were not happy because Yetunde had left, I actually ranted about how Yetunde made you fade away from me and how I wish she wasn’t here in the first place, so when Yetunde eventually left, he encouraged me to push further and here we are” she explained.

I tried to put dots together but there was one more person I needed to see.

“What happened? Are you mad he knows?” She asked.

“Not at all, just wanna know”

I told Britney I would se her around, I left her and went to platoon 10 to look for the guy Ben sent to go and spy on what Yetunde and the guy went to do.

I sighted him and before I got to him Ben had gotten to him and they started talking. I watched them from afar as they spoke and both nodding in affirmation.

Something was fishing and I needed to know what was going on.

After drilling, we went back to the hostel and i sent a message to Yetunde.

“Please tell me what is going on, if you were not sent out of the camp because of sex scandal then why were you sent out of the camp?”

I expected response but none came through. I couldn’t go and meet Ben’s friend because it could jeopardise the whole plan so I laid low.

Three days went by, it was 2 days to pass out from the camp, I was at my skill acquisition and entrepreneurs development program (SAED) that morning, I was already looking forward to leave the camp because it was exhausting already.

The thought of Yetunde had already left my mind, I was more closer to Britney and Ben was just a guy we couldn’t help but vibe because there was nothing to hold on to and if at all I’ll get any thing out of him, Yetunde should be the one to give me a hint but she wasn’t replying her messages.

I was at my SAED stand learning bead making when, I was engrossed in setting the beads into the strand to make the design in front of me when I heard someone called my name.

I knew the voice.

I froze immediately.

I turned and the bead I had used hours to strand unconsciously dropped from my hand.

Alas! Here comes Yetunde standing there smiling at me.

To be continued…

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