My Nysc Camp Experience episode 18

THE CAMP. Episode 18

Not everyone are redeemable.

Somethings are meant to be regardless of your effort.

One must apply wisdom when saving a drowning person, if not, both might end up lying lifeless below the water.

I couldn’t help Yetunde out of her ways, I guess nature had its way and it was meant to be like that.

I was sad.

I tried her numbers but she didn’t pick, I guess she was drowning in her own pain.

I literally lost interest in everything but Ben was a good friend that came through, he knew the bond between I and Yetunde was strong despite our little fight and sexu@l urges she didn’t hide from anyone. Britney on the other side had found her confidence back into Ben’s arm and i didn’t want to cut short the moments they were enjoying so I distanced myself from them and became a lone being in the camp of 3,000 plus corp members.

The drama and dance night came through and I was meant to perform on both, the initial motivation wasn’t there, I was down in my spirit. It was obvious to everyone in the platoon, I was to take part of the lead role in the drama and also a front liner in the dance, how could I do this without messing everything up.

People kept coming and trying to elate my spirit, I tried but it wasn’t working.

I was putting on my costume, I was going to perform regardless. Britney showed up and help my hands. She looked into my eyes and drew me closer. She gave me an affectionate hug that could burn a mountainous worries.

“I know your mind is full of regrets because you couldn’t help our friend but trust me you tried but it is what it is, people are waiting out there to see your talent tonight, they have seen you rehearse, they have seen you in action, they love you because of your sense of humour, creativity and talent go out there to show them what you are made of, you can do it please.”

She drew me closer and tried to plant a kiss on my lips, I revolted, she looked deep into my eyes, she spoke to my soul, like an illusion, trance or scary imaginations, she came for it again and I took it deep.

We kissed.

Her lips were angelic.

Soft of and endearing to the touch of my lips.

Just like the salt blends beneath the depth of an ocean. Just like an iceberg comfortably settles amidst the waving sea.

My heart slowly beat and I could see my pain evaporating.

It got intense.

She held my head and went more deep, my hands on her wide girdles as she buried her body in mine.

The climax descended unanimously.

We broke up and I heaved a deep breathe.

“But Ben….” I said and she hushed me.

“Shhhhhhh… go out there and make me proud, we’ll talk about that when you are off the stage” she said.

She helped with the beads on my neck and I went out with another loving personality. The drama started and I gave it my best. It was a beautiful performance.

I was applauded.

The dance also went well.

I didn’t know what Britney did to me, but whatever she did worked and I loved it.

After the night, I met with Britney to ask her about her actions when she and Ben were already getting along.

She smiled.

“Ben has no place in my heart anymore, do you remember the social night that you and Yetunde left us? He tried talking me into it and I told him that it’s not gonna work again because I was into you already, and we can only be friends but Yetunde was taking a big part of you, I told him we could be friends and he accepted”

“Really? Why?”

“See, Ade, Ben knows me very well, it’s either we are friends or nothing, and aside that, I already got him a girlfriend, they are getting along already and I can see he is happy with her” she said

I was surprised alot has happened and I didn’t know.

“Now that Yetundeis gone, I can have you to myself and myself alone, don’t worry, I won’t lure you into s*x, I just want to be around you always” she said and hugged me.

The night went by and it was light out time, the rush was not as much as before because the camp was already going to an end.

I went to my hostel and a message came from Yetunde.

“Hello Ade, I am sorry to disappoint you despite your care and attention but it is what it is, only God knows and sees the truth, be careful of Ben, I wasn’t sent out of camp on false allegation, I didn’t have s*x with the guy, Ade trust me, we didn’t have s*x because I knew that would be what everyone would be saying, I can’t stay long on phone, I’ll call you when I can….again, I’m sorry Ade…I am so sorry”

I read the message and my heart started beating fast.

I dialed her number immediately but switched off.

I was petrified.

To be continued. ..

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