My Nysc Camp Experience


We entered into the nysc camp with our loads on our heads, this was a directive from one of the slim soldier with red eyes and veins carving a thunderous strike on his arm under the afternoon scorching sun.

Equity found its way as there were no differences between the rich and the poor, we were treated the same way. Even the ones that came out from their father’s exotic jeeps and those of us rushing down from the half baked bus without absorbers that we boarded to the camp.

Looking beside me was a beautiful family of father, mother and a very small boy waving at their daughter in tears as she found her way to the gate. I remember the woman screaming when the soldier yelled at their daughter to raise her bag and put it on her head. One could tell that she had never used her arm for anything stressful the way she fidget while lifting the heavy big box that she carried as if she would not leave camp again.

The mother shook and covered her mouth with her hand to avoid the outburst of tears. I wasn’t in my nice mood, I lifted mine and joined the queue.

She struggled.

God knows how she eventually got it on her head, but right there, we all sweat like a chilled coke bottle waiting for our turn. I found out she was behind me.
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When we got to the main gate, we were told to drop our bags and bring out everything in it. It wasn’t a stressful thing for me, the excitement of going to the camp had taken off every kind of tiredness away from me, I dropped the bag and the soldier removed all the sharp objects from the bag, he said I should move forward abit and pack in my stuffs under 15 seconds and run inside.

I didn’t even wait for 5 seconds when I moved forward and started packing. Looking behind me I saw this lady struggling and shaking.

“See this wan how he dey shake, soaka mana, bring down you bag!” The soldier yelled at her and she shook, she couldn’t withstand the shock, she burst out into tears as she struggled to drop it coupled with the one she was holding.

I couldn’t handle it, I rushed to her to help her pull it down when the soldier yelled at me.

“Kai…teffi mana, wat a sturong with you, you wan eff am drop am, I go wipe you koboko wallahi” he exclaimed with his hausa accent.

I rushed back.

She managed to drop the bag and started unpacking it. In the bag were makeup kits, beauty kits and all other girly things and lots of clothes. After removing all the sharp objects, the soldier laughed.

“See diswan, you dey go party? Otondo, pack and comot for here” he yelled.

She moved her back to the front, I rushed to her and helped her pack it, I offered to help her lift it while I handed her my small bag to carry. She couldn’t speak louder, I understood.

We moved further a bit and saw another soldier, he directed us to the parade ground for mini orientation, we were walking down when he yelled at us.

“Kai, otondo, double up now!” We ran down to the parade ground, we met other otondos sitting while a woman probably in her late 40s addressing them, she was talking about the power of words and how we should be mindful of the kind of word we would use on one another.

She further explained that the world was created with word and will be destroyed with word, this same word can lead people into depression and also make people commit suicide so if there is any of us with a poisonous tongue, he/she should be cautious of how they will use it.

I paid keen attention to her when i felt something landing on my shoulder.

Alas, baby girl had rested her head on my shoulder and slept off.

To be continued….

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