My Nysc Camp Experience episode 11

THE CAMP. Episode 11

I stared at the picture for a while and I almost got caught after light out. I closed my eyes and started wondering why Yetunde took it this far. I understand that she might have feelings for me and probably want to feel some cassava but the camp wasn’t the best place to do such because just few days back some people were caught having sex.

It wasn’t even between young lads, it was between a married woman and a young guy. They were caught at night in the container of the dry cleaners and they were sent home, these were the thoughts in my mind when I couldn’t stop staring at what she went to me.

“Devil get behind me, I shall not be a victim of sex scandal in this camp, Yetnde will not send me home ” I closed my eyes and slept and the night went by. The following day was our social night and they listed the artistes that were coming.

Orezi and one guy from chocolate city, it was a night we were all anticipating especially when we were told some comedians would also be there.

That doesn’t also affect our drama and dance practice. The day was a light one, I went to sit under a big tree that was far away from the parade ground because i needed some time to myself. Britney’s call came in but I ignored it. She sent me a text.

” you don’t have to ignore my call Ade, I just want to tell you what happened last night”

When I saw this message I was shocked, what happened?, I called her back immediately and she picked, after ranting that I didn’t pick her call she said Yetunde came to her hostel to tell her about me. I didn’t get the gist so I requested that we see, I described where I was and she met me there few minutes later.

I was curious.

“What happened between you and Yetunde last night? ” I asked and She laughed out loud.

“Nothing actually happened, when you didn’t pick my call, I thought of what could get your attention so I lied because I really wanted to see you and talk.

I heaved a deep sigh.

“You don’t have to do this ypu know, I am not avoiding you, I just need time alone and that’s it”

“It’s fine, I just want to tell you that I want us to sit in same place tonight, I am trying to avoid Ben, he has been acting weird these days and I’m not sure I’m safe around him anymore. Please let me sit beside you ” she said and I asked why me.

She said because I have planted a kind of fear in his heart unlike Bayo that he almost hit at mammy market when he saw him with her.

Bayo was in Platoon 3 but same hostel with us, he liked Britney because of her accent and Ben had gone to bully and threaten him off Britney.

Ben dares to threaten me, I was not butty, I was a confirm pakororo and I doubt he could survive my fist. I wanted to tell her what he told me the previous day but I kept it to my self.

I tried as much as possible to ignore Yetunde because a gaze at her would bring back the memory of what she sent to me the previous night. I told Britney not to worry, I’ll be there for her, she immediately went back to her hostel.

Yetunde didn’t call me throughout that day, she didn’t even show up at the handball training. It was time time drama rehearsal and I left to the rehearsal ground, on my way, I saw a lady walking towards me.

She had the exact face of my ex that served me breakfast, the lady my heart belonged to. She passed me by and I turned and followed her.

“Hello, please can I have a moment with you” j said and she stopped immediately.

“My name is…..”

“Ade….I know you” she interrupted.

I was surprised.

“How did you know me please, I don’t remember where I know you” I said.

“Don’t worry about that but how may I help you, what is the exact thing that made the Almighty Ade follow me when he has the pretty foreign lady running after him, I am no where near her beauty, why aren’t you giving in even when she tells everyone that made advances at her that you are her boyfriend” she chuckled and continued.

“Foreign babe see fine boy” she said and chuckled.

I was dumbfounded.

I wanted to talk but started stammering.

“What are you talking about? Where did you hear all these from, I dont even know you and you poured out all these” I exclaimed.

“You don’t have to know, a friend of mine asked her out and she told him the same thing, i got to know you more because you are in the drama and dance group. Well, that aside, how may I help you” she asked.

I didn’t know what to say.

I watched her as she walked away. I stood like a stunted tree, someone came and covered my eyes from the back, it was Yetunde.

She came forward and hugged me.

“Where have you been? You didn’t even call me today, how is tonight going to be? Let’s hide somewhere to have fun” She said.

I knew what she meant but I wasn’t ready to risk it, on the other hand I had promised britn that we would be together.

I didn’t answer any of her questions.

Because dem don finally cast me.

To be continued. ..

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