My Nysc Camp Experience episode 14

THE CAMP. Episode 14.

Yetunde showed behind me and held me from the back. I turned immediately and she gave me a seductive smile. She moved closer to me and rubbed her chubby body on me.

“What are you running from, be a man and claim what you want, I know you can’t restrict the urge that comes with my touch Ade, let me ease your urge” she whispered as she curled herself around me like a cursed maid.

“Yetunde, please stop this, do you want me out of the camp? See, I know you are a pretty lady, with good shape but this is camp, we would be sent home if caught and that would jeopardise this year’s plan, I don’t wanna come back here again after now, we only have a week more to spend, I won’t let 5 minute pleasure ruin my plan” I lamented.

“Did you say 5 minute? What I’m seeing down there would last for hours, and aside that, slim guys are the real deal, they have the most muscular purana…they make a lady scream and moan ….ooosh….Ade….please, let’s hide somewhere in the Bush, let me feel this deep down my throat….pleaseeee….” she moaned in imagination and reached for my cassava. Her hand was as fast as a flash.

She held me down there and fondled it. The more I tried to pull her off the more the pleasure of her touch sink into my urges.

She placed my hand on her bosoms and made me fondle. It was big, succulent and handible. She reached for my lips and kissed me passionately. Her moans shows that her urges are saturated. She spoke in languages I didn’t understand.

She deepened my hand into her handible boobs and made me held her nipple like a metal cone that is twisted to dance. It looked like her main point. She exhaled a warm breathe from her buccal cavity, I could hear the race of her heart beat. What a good time to penetrate into the pleasure gate.

Despite enjoying this, my cerebrum was so active in thinking, I was conscious of my environment.

Bro code chapter 8 verse 122 hit my brain.

” Even during gbenshing Bro must not lose guard”

Yetunde went down and pulled out my cassava, she stroke it and turned it to a microphone, she made magic on it with her tongue and made me close my eyes as she stroke hard like the rush of the flood running through a thin pipe.

I was engrossed in the pleasure when my phone suddenly rang. The vibration caught my attention, i brought out my phone from my waist bag and the caller was Britney.

“Hello Brit”

“Hello Ade, where are you guys, i heard the soldiers are scooping people out of hostels and punishing them. Please come to the pavillion now” she said.

“Okay, thank you, we are coming now” i said and dropped the call. Yetunde was in the realm of the spirit as she rode hard.

I suddenly heard footsteps and saw otondos running around, i pulled Yetunde up and covered up, she tried to held me back but i fought it, she behaved like a child that was disconnected from the breast.

“Please Ade, we are almost there” she lamented.

“No, the solders are coming already and Britney already called to warn me, lets go please”

She wasnt happy but i insisted.

We had not taken two steps when we heard a deep audible voice.

“Hey! You two stop there, squat now with your hands on your ears, if you dare to run and i catch you, you will blame yourself for coming to the camp”

We froze and i went down immediately as ordered.

Chai…Yetunde pada ko bami! (Yetunde don finally put me for trouble”

To be continued…

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