My Nysc Camp Experience episode 21

THE CAMP. Episode 21.


Who spend days in rehab and and comes back to camp, in as much as I am not familiar to how they operate in rehab, I know that it’s not somewhere that you can stroll in and out like that.

Is it that Ben is trying to blackmail Yetunde with drug or he is just trying to make me hate her because she tarnished his image infront of Britney. I couldnt wrap my head around the whole thing.

On the other hand, I thought of apologising to Britney because of my action, she didn’t know what she has done. I texted her and apologised. She didn’t respond.

Anyways, I wasn’t expecting any.

The night crawled out and as usual, we met at the parade ground the following morning. No one spoke a word to the other, after the exercise, I headed to the hostel when Yetunde ran after me.

“Ade, I need to have a word with you” she said and she started panting.

“Yetunde, I am not in the mood for any drama right now please, I just want to be alone” I said and walked forward.

“Why do you trust Ben over me Ade? Why do you think he is right and I am the villain her, I got closer to you because I see you as a mature and understanding guy, how come you fall easily under his deceit and lies” she exclaimed.

Tears formed in her eyes.

I stopped and turned.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

She pulled my hand and we headed back to an isolated part of the pavilion. We sat somewhere there.

She sobbed and tears dropped profusely.

“Why didn’t you tell me that Britney didn’t tell you anything, it was Ben that told you what you accused me of, it was true I told Britney that Ben is just a player and I just wanted to use you sexually and dump you, I didn’t know she went to tell Ben and Ben would tell you too, I am sorry I said that but Ben isn’t a guy you can trust too, he is a green snake under the green grass”

I was confused.

“What are you talking about?”

“Ben was just trying to get at me because of what he did too” she said.

“What did he do and before you answer that, were you sent to rehab because you took drug?” I asked.

She looked at me owlishly.

“Oh my God! Ben has finished me” she said and placed her hand on her head in regret.

“What have I done to deserve this from him, why did he have to do this?” She cried.

“I don’t have time for this drama Yetunde, I cared for you, I was there for you and made sure you were not alone, I didn’t know all these about you and you think I will be happy about it? You really disappoint me, how could you engage yourself in drugs to the extent that you were taken out of the camp because of it, I thought you won’t be coming back, you left me wallowing in guilt not knowing it was what you brought on yourself” I ranted.

Throughout my rant, she cried.

“I’m sorry Ade, let me explain please”

“What do you want to explain that will justify your action? What?”

“I know but you deserve to know, I will tell you regardless even if after this time you won’t talk to me again, but trust me, I have stopped it but you need to know why” she said calmly.

The tears on her cheeks got me emotional, she was a lady I like so much, seeing her crying already weakened me but I needed to stay hard for her to see my displeasure in her actions.

She continued.

“I am a sexually active lady, a little touch gets me down especially from a guy I am so much in love with, when I was with my guy, we had sexx almost everyday and if not sexx, we would be in a romantic state, in his car, office, home, anywhere, he didn’t deprive me of it when I needed it and I got used to it. When he died, I couldn’t withstand the pain so I ventured into drug to lay of the urge off me and it worked. It wasn’t something I was proud of doing, I didn’t do drugs when we were moving together because the touches and random kisses from you was enough to hold me until we parted, I wasn’t attracted to any other guy in the camp and my urges were approaching climax so I met with some guys…” she said and I interrupted.

“…the same guys you went to mammy Market with that night Ben and I saw you?”

“Yes, I didn’t even know you were there, we informed a soldier guy, he was the one that helped us bring in the drugs from the seller and gave it to us, he also guarded us so that we won’t get caught, after sniffing in and I got high, the soldier and the other guys left. I was on my way to the hostel feeling high when Ben came and that was it, he took me to the hospital and that was all I remembered, I woke up in the hospital outside the camp” she narrated.

I was confused. The story was contradicting one another.

“But why did he first say you were sent home because you had sex with a guy and later came to say you were transfered to a rehab because you took hard drug?” I asked.

“What?! Ben said that, that animal said that?, oh, did he also tell you he took advantage of me before taking me to the hospital?” She asked.

I got confused.

“Wait, what do you mean by he took advantage of you, what does that mean please?” I asked confusingly.

“Since he lied, I need to let the cat out of the box, when he saw me tottering to the hostel, my bones were feeble, he wrapped his arm around my waist and carried me to the dry cleaner’s container after everyone had left and he had sexx with me, I was too weak to fight it” she explained.

“Yetunde are you messing with me right now? Why do you have to say that to clap back at him?” I exclaimed.

“If you think I am lying, ask him how I got out of the camp” she said

My hands started shaking in anger.

To be continued…

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