My Nysc Camp Experience episode 17

THE CAMP. Episode 17

She faced me.

“Have you ever lost someone dear to you? Someone you wake up to see everyday and pray to God that the moment never end, Ade have you?” She asked.

I stared at her.

She gave a faint smile and continued.

“If you haven’t, pray you don’t, everything I’m doing with you is just to cast my mind out of the pains of yesterday because if not, I might suddenly run into depression, I just wanted to do crazy things, see I know you really like Britney but I don’t care, I know nothing is gonna come out between you and I that’s why I just want to enjoy the moment till camp finishes, we have 5 days to go and I am redeploying to Abuja, we might not see again till the world ends after here, so don’t look at me as if I’m a wayward lady, I am just trying to keep myself sane and aside from that I am so attracted to you, you have an awesome personality, caring and understanding, I think that’s what Britney also saw in you, it’s fine if you want to cut ties with me, I won’t blame you, thanks for the beautiful moments so far, you are a great guy” she said and walked away.

I stared at her as she beautiful carry her chubby body in a gentle footstep .

Indeed, we never can tell what people has pass through and what they are doing to keep themselves sane.

I sat on the field with my head down when Amaka, one of my drama crew came and asked what went wrong with me, I told her nothing, she sat with me and discussed how our drama would go with me, she stole the moment away from me.

After drilling, I headed to the hostel, I went to fetch water for bath and saw Ben too, he told me his show was for the night,he also told me he would need me and the ladies there to cheer him up.

I didn’t hear from Britney too I felt deserted without Yetunde but Bro must not lose focus.

The night was for Mr mancho and others, I didn’t see Yetunde, I called her number but switched off, I called Britney, she picked and said she won’t be coming to the pavilion for the show because she was feeling fevery and the medical already knew about it, so no soldier would go and drive her out.

I was left alone.

I and other guys were cheering Ben up during the program and luckily for him, he won in his category. I was happy for him. After the show, he said that we should take some bottles to celebrate at mammy market I and his platoon friends.

When we got to mammy everyone took what they love to drink, I asked for malt. I was at the table when Yetunde walked in with some guys and a soldier guy I wanted to call her but I kept my cool.

Bro code 228 ” Bro must always be calm to observe”

I watched them from afar as she sat in between them laughing, Ben saw her too, he didn’t say anything. They were drinking and smoking.

Few minutes later, one of the guys stood up and she followed him. A soldier guy followed them too.

They went toward the laundry section where the launder people do dry cleaning for people, I wanted to stand up to see what was going to happen. Ben pulled me back, he whispered into the ears of one of the guys that was with us and the guy stood up and stalked them.

He came back few minutes later and told us they went into one of the lanuder men’s container and we know what that means, the soldier that went with them was to guard the entrance.

I was pained to the heart, it really got to me that I told Ben I was going to the hostel, I blamed myself for her action, I put the blame on myself for pushing her away when she thought I could handle her madness. Now she has started messing around after I left her.

I went to the hostel with a pained heart.

An hour later, the beagle for light out was blown and I went to sleep. The sleep wasn’t sound because I kept blaming myself and also felt I was too connected to her to see someone else having sex with her.

The next day was our drama and dance competition so I needed enough rest to be able to perform both acts very well.

The day broke in a twinkle of an eye and we went for drilling as usual. I saw Ben and Britney but Yetunde was no where to be found. I looked for her everywhere but didn’t see her. I asked Ben If he had seen her.

“Why are you looking for her?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I just think there is something i need to say to her ” I said.

“Well, you can’t see her because she was caught last night and was scheduled to be sent home very early this morning before we wake up, I’m sure she’ll be out of the camp right now” he said.

I was stunned.

“Are you messing with me right now? I thought a soldier followed them, so how come?”

“I guess he was drunk, he left the post to guard them and went to sleep, another solder caught them, a lady soldier” he examined.

“How did you know this?” I asked.

“Have you forgotten you left us there yesterday? After the beagle was blown, the soldiers invaded mammy market and we all left, during the invasion, the solders searched for hideouts and they were caught, I saw them taking her and the guy to the administrative block and you know what that means”

I was speechless.

“Sorry bro, it is what it is, who knows if you had not left her, you might be the one that would be sent home with her” he said.

To be continued…

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