My Nysc Camp Experience episode 8

THE CAMP. Episode 8.

Britney called out and I stopped.

“What do you mean by Ben fed me with lies?” She asked, I really wasn’t in the mood to talk, not even when Ben was standing right behind us staring at me like a hungry lion. I told her we would talk when she feels like talking to me and not when she needs answers.

I said and left for the dance group. Others joined us and a delta lady came with dance steps and how we would creatively put the dance together. Being the only Yoruba boy in the dance group, it was kinda weird but I fit it and stood infront to lead the dance.

We were rehearsing when I saw Britney staring at me from afar. The rehearsal was under the scorching sun so I was sweating profusely. She held a cold bottled water and walked towards me, she handed it over to me without a word and had a step back.

“Thank you ” I said with a faint smile and returned to the rehearsal. She stood there looking at me and laughing at our dance steps.

We had a break and I sat on one of the big rocks around the place, she moved closer and stood infront of me. I drank from the bottled water she gave me.

“Ade, is it true?” She asked.

“That what?” I asked without looking at her.

“Is it true that you almost caused trouble in the clinic when I was in pain?” She asked.

“Well, I don’t know who told you that but I did that because I was scared, you were in pain and no one was doing anything, I had to shout on them before the doctor came out and did something…and who told you that? ” I asked.

“Ben told me, he told me everything” she said.

“What else did he tell you that makes you feel I am not fit to be your friend anymore?” I asked.

She started stuttering, she couldn’t say a word. I stood up and looked into her eyes.

“Britney, tell me what he told you now”

“Ade, can we just forget about what he told me please, he was just trying to protect me” she said.

“He was protecting you from what? Tell me, he was protecting you from me? Oh wow, now I see, so why are you here with me? Why are you moving to an acclaimed threat?” I queried.

“Ade please calm down, I am just recuperating, don’t make me go through this tough time please, I need you to understand that I am not happy that things turned out to be like this between you and I, I also don’t want him to tell my parent that….” she stopped.

I searched her face for answers.

“That what? Britney, that what?” I asked anxiously.

She covered her mouth with her hand and sobbed. She couldn’t say a word.

“Talk to me Britney, that what?!” I exclaimed.

“Ade I am a sickle cell patient, my genotype is SC that was why I fell sick when the stress was too much on me, Ben was the one communicating with my parents and unknown to me he already told them that I was moving with a stranger and you were the reasons why I was punished because I was out with you talking when the soldiers caught us after light out” she explained.

“What?! What did you just say? He said so?…” I exclaimed.

” I couldn’t debunk it because I was on the hospital bed and they believed him ….Ade I’m sorry, it was all my fault”

I held my head and fury, I starred at him on the football pitch and walked briskly to go and meet him when someone grabbed me from behind as I was about entering the pitch.

It was Yetunde. She hugged me and patted my back.

“Ade please let this slide, you know what’ll happen if you go in there to fight, you will be sent off the camp, please Ade, let’s settle this amicably. Britney ran to me and also held me.

“Ade please, i’m so sorry, please, this is all my fault, I shouldn’t have let him get the bigger part of me, I’m sorry” she apologised.

She turned to Yetunde and thanked her for helping her grab me, it made me realise she went to call yetunde where she was practicing to come to her rescue.

I had the intention to knock him out without thinking about the repercussions.

What a blatant liar.

I was calmed so I walked to the pavilion to sit at the edge, I panted angrily. Some of my platoon mates came to ask what happened but I was too angry to talk, Yetunde replied them.

Yetunde sat at my right side while Britney sat at my left.

Yetunde held my hand and fondled it, she whispered naughty words into my ears.

“Sebi if not that we are in camp, I would just twerk for you and give you a nice BJ to calm you down”

I didn’t have any choice than to laugh out loud.

She got me on that one.

To be continued…

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