My Nysc Camp Experience episode 5

THE CAMP. Episode 5.

She wallowed on the bed, the pain was obvious.

I moved closer to her and held her hand, her leg was heavy to carry, she shed tears like cold bottle.

“Sorry dear, did they give you any pain killer or something ”

“Ade…I don’t know, I am in serious pain, please call my dad, I am in pain, these people want to kill me” she reached for her phone in her pocket and handed it over to me, it was the moment I got scared.

Maybe something else has done her or maybe she has underlying sickness that no one is aware of except her parents. My hand fidget with the phone as I struggled to unlock with her password .

On the other hand, I thought of informing the doctors and the corp member doctor I met said she had given her pain killer and she should be fine, I was fine with that until she said that next time she will obey when orders are given.

That was where my head sparked.

” so because you put something that looked like earpeice around your neck now you think you can spit trash to anyone, is that what your profession taught you? Hey girl…you ain’t shit here okay, and i dont know why you guys are so rude….”

I was still in my para mode when Britney’s friends came in and they were denied access in. The main doctor came out and asked me what happened and i explained to him. He applogised on her behalf and i told him about Britney’s condition, he followed me immediately.

He asked her some questions while i was out of the room, he rushed out few minutes later and requested for an ambulance for parole outside the camp, they were meant to transport her to another hospital.

I was scared.

“Doctor what happened? Why are you guys moving her out?” I asked.

“Who are you to her?”

“I am her friend”

“Im sorry i can’t tell you anything, if needed be, we would contact her parents” he said and walked away. I became more worried and distabilized.

Few minutes later, the ambulance came and she was carried into the ambulance with a stretcher, she wallowed in pain and cried bitterly. The bus drove off and i was left in awe.

Her friends rushed to me.

“Ade what happened to her?”

“I dont know, do you guys know if she has an underlying illness in school?”

“None that we are aware of”

I went back into the hospital and met with the corp member that attended to her….

“If anything happen to that lady, i will make sure you dont make a living out of this profession” i said angrily and walked out.

The mistake i made was not collecting her number before she left, her friends did not know her Nigeria number too.

We were distabilized together.

We were all together throughout that day and this brought a kind of bond in between us except for Ben whose attitude was a bit different. He was the one in same hostel with me and he also served the punishment.

I was scared for Britney, I couldn’t do anything, even when we were at the parade ground for lectures, I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying.

The night fell on my sad mind and I went to bed early.

As usual the beagle was blown again and I walked slowly like a zombie to the parade ground and joined my platoon. I was wallowing in my worries, I stared at every vehicle that drove in and also looked around if I would see her but nothing was forthcoming.

She was not returned.

Three days counted down and no news of her, I took a bold step and went to meet the doctor in his office.

“Sir, I’m sorry I had to come down, anxiety is killing me, I can’t focus on anything please tell me what happened to my friend, is she fine? Is she responding to treatment? Please tell me”

The doctor gave a faint smile.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Ade”

“Ade, I need to thank you specially for raising alarm when your friend was in pain, the doctor that treated her thought it was just an ache and she administered pain killer to her, we didn’t know something else was eating her deep and the drug administered to her aggravated some serious illness because of how strong it is, if you had not come, we might not be here discussing, she is recuperating, she should be back in camp in few days” he explained.

He saw the doubt on my face.

He continued…

“Ade, go, she is recuperating, see love in your eyes, lover boy” he said and laughed.

To be continued. ..

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