My Nysc Camp Experience episode 12

THE CAMP. Episode 12.

It was night ready and we were all prepared for the social night. I was sleeping when I heard the sound of the beagle that we should move out of our hostels and head straight to the parade ground because the program was about to start.

I left the hostel and saw Ben at the gym with other guys, he was seriously buildng tissues and sweating profusely. I watched them for a while before walking away. I called Britney and Yetunde on my way and they joined me.

“We should get some snacks before going to sit down” Yetunde suggested.

We got to mammy Market and at the same place we wanted to buy snacks and drinks, we met the lady I met on the way earlier and her friends, they started whispering into one another’s ears the moment they saw three of us.

Suddenly I heard.

“Na wa o, the close marking is real o, guy you dey enjoy o”

Yetunde looked at them quizzically, like, are you guys talking to me or what, I ignored them and acted as if I didn’t know what they were talking about. We paid and left.

‘Do you know those babes?” Yetunde asked.

“No, I dont”

Britney interrupted.

“I know them, one of their friends once asked me out but I turned him down, he didn’t give the space then I told him you are boyfriend and he stopped disturbing me after then.

“You what? Why ?” I exclaimed.

” because I didn’t know what to say, that was what came to my head at that time and I’m glad it worked.

That was why the lady I met earlier said Britney claimed I was her boyfriend, I wished I had a thing for her but it wasn’t just forthcoming. Yetunde on the other hand didn’t need love, she just wanted to get erotic with me probably because she was attracted to me or she was horny.

Yetunde didn’t say a word, she was only humming.

We got to the parade ground, the arrangement and stage preparation had also started. We were seated and started gisting about how the event was going to be when Ben showed up.

He walked towards us, when he saw us, he moved to the other side and sat alone. He brought out his phone and started pressing.

Yes, we aren’t perfect and in one way or the other we tend to mess up because life didn’t come with a manual and that makes us human. I felt what he was feeling at that time. The loneliness and regrets, how the heart pounds so hard in pain of seeing someone you love with someone else.

Doing everything possible to right our wrong but yet everything still slipping away before our eyes despite alot of effort.

I told Britney to go and sit with him. She looked at me quizzically.


“The poor boy is just trying to be better again probably after he realised his mistakes but I am here not making things easy for him because I am always all over you, please settle everything you think you have with him and become friends if not for dating. ” I said.

She seemed not interested. Probably she felt like I was pushing her away from me.

“But Ade, this is the same guy that almost made me hate you, he lied against you and you want me to be friends with that guy? Are you trying to send me away? Didn’t I tell you I’m not safe around him anymore, Ade, just tell me you don’t want me around because of Yetunde ” she ranted.

Yetunde spoke up. ” Hey hanty , no put my mata for your mata o, nothing concern me abeg”

Britney seemed not understand me and I guess I hit the right note at the wrong time. You don’t force a woman against her wish until she heals from her bruise.

“Okay then, you ladies can stay here, have some girlie gossips and fun, I want to go and have some words with him, I’ll be back” I said and stood up.

“Ade really?” Yetunde exclaimed.

I bent a bit and gave her a kiss on the cheek, I did the same to Britney too.

“Are you ladies missing me already,? I’ll be back, I want to go and make the world a better place ” I said and left.

I crossed to the other side of the pavilion and sat beside Ben, he didn’t see me coming because he was engrossed in his phone.

“Hey niggi!”

He looked at me and it was a totally different innocent look.

“What’s up man, what….what…” he stuttered.

“Yes I know I know, just wanna leave the ladies to do ladies things while I sit with a guy and have a bro moment” I said.

He laughed out loud.

“I appreciate that man” he said and threw a heavy hand shake at me. I took it.

He was happy and he couldn’t hide it.

Britney and yetunde stared at us, I winked them.

I might not be in good term with Ben but I must also respect the Bro code that says…

“Never desert a bro because of a babe”

To be continued. ..

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