My Nysc Camp Experience episode 4

THE CAMP. Episode 4.

Britney was clad in a night pajamas with slippers on. I watched as the lady soldier yelled at her as she squat and stand at regular intervals.

I hope I could do something but there was nothing I could do, she was just a fragile lady that wanted to come to her fatherland to meet new people and have fun, not knowing there are rules and consequences to every action.

I was lost in staring at them as the soldiers fishes out people from different hostels to join them.

I suddenly heard a voice beside me.

“Guh…guy…Lower your head, one soldier don enter” the guy beside me whispered.

I lowered my head immediately, the soldier guy moved around to make sure no head was up, no light was on and probably everyone had slept. What a way of starting the day in the camp, is this how I’ll spend 21 days here?

These thoughts eroded my mind, I couldn’t sleep because i was concerned about Britney because scream coming from those receiving punishment was much.

I finally slept off when they were returned back to their hostels, that was almost 2 hours later.

It was just as if I slept for 5 minutes when the beagle blared into the atmosphere.

The beagle looked like a small horn with handle and as big as the perimeter of the camp is, it travelled to each nuke and crannies. No one dares to still remain in bed when the beagle sound.

According to some interpreters they said the sound of the beagle says…

“We didn’t invite you here, you came to look for trouble yourself”

When this sounds, You are all meant to stand and rush to the parade ground. This is around 5:30am. During this time, we try to brush our teeth and wash our faces before going for parade.

People that didn’t obey this would be punished.

People that have collected their camp clothes which is white shirt and short and their full regalia suit rushed to the parade ground but we that haven’t gotten ours went straight to the unit that will give it to us and waited for them to come.

I was meant to meet Britney there. I searched around but she was no where to be found, I couldn’t go to her hostel because it was restricted to guys.

I was worried.

I took a space for her on the queue incase she comes. It got to my turn and I got my package and my platoon number. I was given platoon 8.

I Kept searching but couldn’t find her. I went to the hostel, changed to the white and put on my jacket on it with white shoes and socks, we were also mandated to have out caps on.

Some wore it differently, depending on how you want it. Whichever way it is worn, you shouldn’t in any way put on a clothe that is different from what you are mandated to wear.

I went straight to the parade ground and joined my platoon, there were many other people there, we were taught the nysc anthem and we also engaged in some morning exercise which many later turned to a party dance due to the hip hip songs coming from the media.

Despite all the drilling and fun, I didn’t stop moving around searching for her. It was almost the end of the drill when everyone would have to go back to their hostels to freshen up and head to the kitchen for their foods before we resume back to the parade ground for the day’s activities. I was lucky to see one of her friends, a guy, he was in my platoon I approached him and asked of Britney, he started giving me attitude.

He was about walking away, I was like see this one, do you think you are better than anyone here because you school abroad? We are all putting on white on white dude, your certificate or status don’t matter here, I saw her last night receiving punishment from the soldiers and I haven’t seen her this morning that’s why I’m asking you and if you care less f*ck off.

I said and left his sight.

He ran after me.

“Hey..hey are you serious?”

“My name is Adeyemi and not Hey, and do I have to say it in Chinese before you see that I am damn serious?” I exclaimed.

He got worried and apologised, he said that we should go and meet other friends to inform them too because they know Britney can be fragile even while in school. Others were in platoon 4 and 1. Luckily we met the other one that was caught in my hostel and he said she collapsed and was sent to the medical last night.

“Medical ke?”

I left them as they stood doing their butty “oh my gad” thing and ran to the medical. I was denied access but had to yell at the doctor corp member that she was my cousin.

The story of the corp members that were in medics is for another day, they do anyhow, don’t obey camp rules and behave like assistant commander.

I was later granted access into the room, I saw Britney on the bed with red eyes, she had cried herself out.

Immediately she saw me, she burst into cry again.

“Adeee…., my legs aches like hell, i want to go home” she cries.

Oh poor Britney…

To be continued…

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