My Nysc Camp Experience episode 22

THE CAMP. Episode Finale.

I was speechless.

“Why do you want me to believe this Yetunde? Will you repeat the same thing if he is standing right in front of you now?” I asked.

“Ofcourse I will” she assured.

“I’ll go into the hostel and and call him out If he is there”, I said and fortunately as I was about leaving her side he showed up from afar.

“Talk of the devil, he showed up with his horns” Yetunde said.

He saw us and pretended as if he didn’t, I called him and told him to give me some minutes out of his time, he protested that he has something urgent to do but I was able to get him down.

“Ben, I just want to ask a question from you and please I need a sincere answer” i said.

“Okay… he said”

“How did Yetunde left the camp, do you know how she left?” I asked and he looked at me confusingly.

“What kind of question is that? How am I supposed to know” he exclaimed.

I was about to talk when Yetunde flamed up.

“Ben, you are a liar, you didn’t know how I left the camp? You think I wasn’t conscious when you told the soldier that I got intoxicated on drugs and i have been misbehaving that he should please put me on parole to a private hospital? Ben! Where you not the one that led me into the car that was brought? Didn’t you pay the driver? You are a liar!” She exclaimed.

Ben kept quiet for a while before he spoke up.

“See Ade she was high and I thought she needed medical attention that’s why I did that” he said.

“But you told me she was sent home because she was caught having sexx” I said.

“Yes I did because I wanted your mind off her, she was distracting you from Britney” he said and I was confused.

“I thought you wanted her, when did you start fighting for her? What changed” I asked.

“She already told me she can’t be with me but you and she asked if there was anything I could do to help her get you then I took the advantage of sending Yetunde to the hospital when i had the opportunity. I was the one that told her to come and meet you under the tent in the night of drama, things we do for a friend you know ” he explained.

I felt used.

Yetunde spoke up.

“You have skipped a part Ben, why didn’t you talk about when you had sex with me, why didn’t you tell Ade that one too, oh you think I didn’t know that you were trying to cover your tracks that was why you decided to make deal with the soldier guy? You think I don’t know?” She exclaimed.

“How dare you Yetunde, you were high, you lured me into having sexx with you, you were kissing me, I fought it but you kept coming and…and…” he stuttered.

“And what Ben? You took advantage of a lady that was not in her right state of mind and had sex with her, you are now standing here saying she lured you into it, I can now conclude that your reasons for sending her to the hospital was because you think she would report you when she was back to her right senses, bro, you really F**ked up, I am disappointed in you for taking advantage of a lady in that condition” I blamed him.

“What difference does it make Ade, afterall, you didn’t give her when she asked for it, you were not her boyfriend so what’s the difference, why is everyone blaming me? Did I drug her or did I rape her? She caused it, she lured me into…” he wasn’t done with his words when Yethnde charged at him and hit him on the face with both hands, her wrist scratched his cheeks and got him bleeding.

I separated her from him before someone sees them.

He held his cheek and walked away.

Yetunde started crying.

I had nothing to say she caused it and Ben too was faulty for not been able to have self control.

He broke one of the most prominent bro code with special code.

Bro code 111.

“Never take advantage of a lady that is not in her right state of mind”

A day to the end of camp, i was packing my bags when Ben met me at my space and apologised for eveything. I was weak to talk, i only nodded.

“I will be leaving to UK this weekend, I am not staying, I don’t know if Britney is staying but it doesnt matter anymore, its nice meeting you man, you are a great guy” he said and left, I didn’t say a word.

On the passing out day, we were all at the pavilion waiting for buses to our various PPAs, Britney came to me and told me she heard everything that happened.

She said she would be traveling back to the UK too.

“Thanks for everything Ade, I have to go now, my parents are here, I’ll call you.” she said and left for the black Lexus that came for her.

I didn’t see Ben, I guess he left too.

Yetunde showed up. She stood infront of me and stared at me for a while before hugging me.

She hugged me so tight and wept.

Her tears soaked My shirt.

“Ade, I’m sorry for everything, I know I offended you but please forgive me, I will be redeploying to Abuja, I’ll be seeing a therapist too, I need to get better for everyone that loves me and for myself too, I hope life brings us together again, please don’t stop being the kindhearted guy you are, you deserve the best. I have to go now Ade, I’ll call you as soon as I get home, bye” she said and also left for a car that came for her.

I remember standing alone as people rushed into the various buses that came, some screaming they were posted to same places while some were crying they were being separated.

I only had mixed feelings that nothing last forever.

The memories.

The moments.

All of it blowing away like the dry leaf falling from the branch.

Everything looked empty and hollow like a hallway without foot prints.

Some moments won’t come twice.

Enjoy it while it last.

Our bus arrived and I boarded it.

We exited the camp gate and the only thing I could hold on to was that in every where you find yourself, enjoy the moment, lessons, trials, challengs and memories.

Because, nothing last forever.


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